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Planned Server Maintenance

There will be a planned server maintenance on September, 18th, from 4:00 to 5:00 AM at BeastKeeper time (GMT +3). We apologize for the inconvenience.

BeastKeeper News #6

The Battlefield and Tactic Battles

The scouts discovered a new island filled with the traces and ruins left from the Old Empire. The Beastlords will compete with each other to control the key zones on this island. But now pets won’t fight alone, they will be united into squads of 4 pets.

 There will be 3 main benefits which may draw the attention of a Beastlord:

  1. There are 3 lesser key zones on the island which produce vermillion. The Beastlord whose squad controls such zone will get vermillion until another squad will force him out.
  2. The central key zone is a source of rate which affects the prices on the auction. How this works: for example, a lord buys a pet for 1000 silver coins but pays only 900. Although the pet seller gets the full price for his pet.
  3. The  central key zone is a door to other moons where new pet species can be obtained. An ancient portal lies in the heart of the forgotten island. A traveller who dares to step through the doorway will see the fascinating alien worlds, full with thriving and strange lifeforms.

We've made a small video explaining the squad system and tactic battles.

Please check the Tactics FAQ for a complete guide on the new features.

The new pet species - Symurgh

Half-canine and half-avian, she is a quintessence of life and prosperity, fascinating the people with grace and mesmerizing colors. It's a giant creature that is big enough to deal with a Dragon - the size of Symurgh is close to that of an adult Roc. Nobility and dignity are essential parts of her nature, so before she decides to help you, you'll need to convince her that you're worthy of her. Her powers are fertility, purification and regeneration.

The native world of Symurghs is Io. They prefer abundant mountain landscapes with open water sources like rivers, ponds and waterfalls. The ecosystem and Symurgh live in symbiosis: the land provides Symurgh with everything it needs while the animal increases the fertility of nearby lands being a source of a specific aura which affects all protein life forms. The initial research group discovered that this "aura" is actually a very generic type of  pheromones that affect the process of cell division, making it more stable, and increases the speed of metabolism. This improves immunity, helps to recover from wounds and produce crops and offsprings faster than usual. The Mages suppose that Symurgh developed this property naturally because of the huge amount of food required to support such a large creature on a planet with scarce resources. Somehow they need to support the area where they live, or it would be devastated.

Symurghs have 30 unique colors and 9 specific genes.

New buildings, guests and premiun items

The Military Academy trains and organizes pet squads.  Every building level adds one squad slot. You need to build the first level of Military Academy to organize your first squad. You can find the blueprints for this building in the State Store or when exploring the islands.

Laboratory level 2 is equipped with genetic material storage where the samples from all your pets are kept. It allows you to research pet genetics even if the pet is busy. You can find the blueprints for this building when exploring the islands.

There are 4 new guests that can come to your Inn:
  • Conquistador. Increases the amount of Vermillion and silver earned from the Tactic map zones by 50%.
  • Strategist. Allows to see the maneuvers of opponent's pets directly on the Tactic Map.
  • Tactician. Reduces the energy required for reroll by 50%.
  • Financier. Increases the income from Townhall by 100%.
And there are 2 new items in the premium shop:
  • Squad Energy Pack. Replenishes the energy of all pets in squad to maximum. You can find and use the recipe to craft this box from 3 Energy Potions and to disassemble it into 3 Energy Potions. Available for silver coins in the State Shope for the testing period.
  • Mercenary License.Increases the squad limit by 1.

...and several minor bugfixes

We're asking our community to help us with the testing of the new features once more. Thank you for playing BeastKeeper!

Site issues

The site was experiencing a major server issue (01:00 - 14:30 GMT +3 June 8th). All data was restored from the backup to the state on 00:30 June 8th. We're extremely sorry for all the inconveniences. All players will be credited 30. We hope that you will continue enjoying BeastKeeper!

Our apologies,
BeastKeeper Team

Guild Competition Event - Rocs are the winners!

The Guild of Mechanicians thanks Beastlords for help! To show their appreciation, Mechanicians used a part of the developed Selenium for producing a mixture which increases the vigour and shared it with the species that helped them to win.

In total there 328 Rocs and 252 Dragons were sent to help the Guilds.

Rocs have won the competiton and get +5 max energy for the next 7 days.

New Golems

The art contest has come to the deadline now and thanks to our players we have 13 new golems! You can find the recipes for crafting them on the islands.

You can see the list of new golems and their creators here.

The art contest is extended for 2 weeks for the missing golems. If you would like to participate, please post your entries in this thread.

Guild Competition Event

Noble Beastlords! The Miners Guild and the Mechanicians Guild invite you to participate in the competiton!

Recently, the State Portal Service have found a new large island on the northwest. It seemed to be completely ordinary until two independent Guilds, the Miners and the Mechanicians, have discovered unprecedentedly rich deposits of a rare element - Selenium. Only one Guild can claim these deposits, and it will be the one which demonstrates the most effective methods of deposit development. The Heads of each organization are asking Beastlords to provide their pets for this competition. Mechanicians are working in the alliance with Rocs due to the electrokinetic abilities of these huge birds, while Miners are processing the raw material with the help of Dragon fire.

If you would like to participate in this event, go to Quests tab: Mechanicians are looking for the Rocs with Electric gland while Miners need the Dragons with Fire gland. You're free to choose which faction you are going to help. There are 7 days for the competitors to prove their effectiveness. The winner will be the Guild which gets the better support of the Beastlords. The winning pet species will get a bonus of +5 energy for one week!

BeastKeeper News #5

New features, balance and UI updates

  1. Quests give XP. Bronze quests give XP equal to 3 victories over the opponent of the same level, silver are equal to 6 and gold to 9 victories.
  2. Quests with color requirements are added.
    Also all quests now have more logic in the requirements now. For example, singing Birds and fragrant Unicorns can be in high demand for the druidic ceremonies while a stinky Cockatrice can be a desired guest for Warlocks.
  3. You can view the pedigree of auctioned pets directly from the auctions lot list.
  4. Pound gives 1000 for every pet. At the same time Pound staff started to choose new owners very carefully and asks to care for an adopted pet at least for a week after adoption.
  5. Daily limit of State Portal Service Branch is 5 pets.
  6. Vermillion from the magic seals is raised to 1-2, food piles are increased to 15-20.

New Genes - Gifts

  1. Gladiator - your pet is a devoted winner. Pet doesn’t spend energy when loses battles on Arena (Internal Organs, Gryphon)
  2. Bet Expert - Your pet gets some silver coins for victory on Arena (Brains, Cockatrice)
  3. Scout - Your pet knows how to survive in harsh environment and doesn't lose energy for the first loss on island (Senses, Puma)
  4. Genealogist - Your pet sees which of its traits the newborn has inherited. The pet reveals 1-4 genes of its babies depending on the Intuition (Brains, All species)
  5. Artisan - Your pet is a very careful and accurate crafter and doesn't spoil materials. The pet returns some unused materials after the crafting (Paws, Dragon)
  6. Scholar - Your pet learns quickly and has a constant boost of +20% XP (Brains, Unicorn)
  7. Watchman - Your pet has ability to locate islands itself and once per day can pass through portal without using the islands from the portal memory (Senses, Roc)

Additional update: Berserker gene is removed from Dragons and added to Pumas. Please read this topic for details. If you would like to swap your Berserker (ancient) gene to the actual Fearsome Look, please post the links to pets which should be updated here.

Meet our CSR, Westly!

Please meet our new staff member, Westly, who is going tol help us with all Customer Service related things!

BeastKeeper News #4

Balance, Explore and related updates

Concerning the redundant amount of resources gathered from Explore (you can check these form topics: 1, 2) and too fast pet levelling on island, we made some balance update.

  • The difficulty of catching a Wild Pet is doubled, now the chance is 35% for the average pet.
  • The price of hiring a catcher is raised to 200
  • New explore and XP rates:
    • Silver Coins - reduced to х1,5
    • Materials - reduced to 1-2 items
    • Food - stays 5-12 items
    • Chance to find valuable items in treasure chests - reduced to 10%
    • Vermillion from magic seal - reduced to 1
    • XP for normal monsters - reduced to х0,5 (like on the initial balance version)
    • XP for guardians - reduced to х1 (like on the initial balance version)
    • XP for winning on Battle Arena - stays х2
  • Quests require a minimum of 5 energy to be started. The pets still spend all of their energy on quests and return with 0 energy points.
  • You can craft the Bandages from Cotton and Laminaria. The Bandages can be used once per island to restore 1 energy point from the battle loss. Bandages are crafted in packs of 5.
  • The loss in the Beast Temple will force your pet to leave the island.
  • You can find the Chancellery on islands. It will exchange any of your invites to a random one.
  • Portals are scanning the environment and locating the other operational portals. The Portal has a memory limit of 20 points, each point is a located island. Every time when your pet passes the Portal, the number of located islands is reduced by 1. The Portal finds 1 new island every hour by default.
  • You can build the State Portal Service Branch which will gladly take away any of your pets and employ it in the prospect of the island and portals which survived the flood. You will get 5 Energy Flow Cards with located island portals  in exchange for your pet. Each Card is equal to 1 located island and can be used at any time. Enegy Flow Cards are account bound and can't be transferred to another user. We do not plan to sell Energy Flow Cards for Gold Coins until the community will be strongly asking for this.

Auctions and trades updates

  • You can view your Auction Bids.
  • You can view your Pets in Trades and Breeding Offers.
  • You can't place a bid on your own auction.
  • You can cancel your auction if there's no bids.
  • Items in auction take place in your inventory. Please note that only the item type takes a slot, so if you're selling 10 packs of 5 Stone each and have additional 100 Stone in your inventory, all of them will still take 1 Inventory slot.

Other features

  • You can see the time of the next energy point at the energy bar.
  • You can visit your pets in Reserve.
  • You can see a father of the future child on the profile page of a pregnant female.
  • Pedigree is displayed up to the 3 generation of ancestors by default; the previous generations will be displayed if you click "See more" button.
  • You will be redirected to your post instead of the thread when you add a new post on forums.

BeastKeeper News #3

The Golems are here

With the help of the Beastlords, the ancient manuscript was restored and the Magicians managed to construct and animate several Golems. The users who helped the Council have earned the unique achievement which is viewable in their profile and below avatar in the forum posts.

A Golem is an artificial being which multiplies the materials spent on its construction by 2. The Golems live 10 days providing 1/10 of their total material resource each day. To create a Golem, you need to find and learn its Scheme first. You can find the schemes for 4 Golems right now: Clay, Stone, Wood and Cotton.

Art Contest: New Golems

Take part in the art contest and create the other Golems!

Updates: Explore and other

  • Your pets will spend 5 energy points for every island visit. The amount of resources, coins and probability of building generation are raised proportionally, XP amount is doubled. The portals are working more stable now. From this moment, a pet will stay on the island even after the loss in battle though every loss will cost you 1 energy point. The pets still return home from island after the loss if the battle started with 0 energy. The amount of resources on islands generated before this update won't change but the new rule with energy decreasing after batlle loss will apply there too.
  • You can find a new building on the islands - a Fountain which replenishes 5 energy.
  • The sea items won't be blocked by buildings and the treasure chests won't be placed on the buildings anymore.
  • Gray Jar is removed from the Magic Shop goods.
  • To balance the XP gain from the usual monsters, the amount of XP earned from the battles with other pets on Battle Arena is doubled.
  • You can see Gene Power of your pet's genes directly in you pet's profile by hovering over the gene names.
  • Degeneration inheritance mechanics has changed: if the parents aren't close relatives and have Degeneration grade, the Degeneration grade of their child will reduce by 1 instead of being removed completely.

Text Quests - test mode. What is your opinion?

We want to introduce you Hoot - the tool for creating the text quests developed by Dave Gauer. You can try creating your own text quests here. This tool has a simple scripting language which allows you to create interactable non-linear branching stories. You can get the very basic idea by checking sample auto-generated Hoot quest.

You can save your stories and post the links here for other players to play your quests!

We're planning to use player quests in 2 areas (read more about them here):
1. Daily Quest (minor feature).
2. World storytelling (major feature).

If you like writing or fulfilling text quests and want to see these features implemented, please share your opinion here!

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