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Tutorial Update #2

We want to apologize for the tutorial glitch which made players stuck on the breeding step. At the this moment the problem is solved. To compensate the inconveniences, we credited 10 to everyone who was stuck on this tutorial step. I hope this will help to smooth over the rough spots. Please come back to the game, our Kingdom is waiting for you!

Trading, breeding and pet catching processing are not instant now and can take up to several minutes, so please be patient.

This glitch appeared because of the another serious bug which we were fighting for the whole day yesterday. Thanks to the help of our players, we managed to figure out why this bug was happening. Although both of us were very tired and we missed a small but important thing which broke the tutorial. We hope for your understanding. Game team has only 2 developers: coder and designer. We weren't expecting the game to become so popular this fast. Since this is only a beta and it was launched less than a week ago, there's still a lot of bugs and problems, and sometimes we don't manage to solve all the problems fast enough. Thanks for your patience!

Bug reporting

Dear beta testers!

A bit of explanations between "Help" and "Bugs" boards.

When you create a thread in "Bugs", a full dump of your user data is created. If you want to help us in solving the problem, please report your bug when you are actually facing it, and try to make something yourself only after this. For example, do not leave the island if you faced some problem there. We won't be able to reproduce the conditions which caused the bug if they are not in your user data dump.

If you create the thread in the "Help" board, no data dump will be created! Please try to post here your questions and issues that do not concern technical problems, and vice versa. All how-to, whats-this, and forum usage issues go here.

Thank you for your patience and input! Together we will make BeastKeeper rock! :)

Tutorial Update

We noticed that a lot of beginner Beastlords faced a problem with exploring their first island which is left after the cataclysm in the old Empire. The Royal Rescue Service helped these lords with the exploring and showed them way home, giving 10 to cover the losses. We will be happy to see you in our Kingdom again and greately apologize for the inaccurate instructions given you by our herald. He's a trustworthy and loyal old man but sometimes distraction hits him because of the old age.

BeastKeeper News #1

Guardian Forest Monsters are raging for their treasures!

Forest Monsters are going furious because of the increasing number of pets belonging to Keepers coming to islands. Guardian Forest Monsters are known for their red color explained by the high content of vermillion in their bodies and their unusual might granted by the same magic substance. They started sealing the treasure chests with their blood in order to protect them from enemies. Somehow they've managed to make these blood seals keep vermillion undissociated outside their bodies. Actually this turned out to be even a better lure for Keepers than ordinary treasures: now every Keeper's pet has a 50% chance to find vermillion in treasure chests! Though the blood seal is very fragile, a traveler with Agile Paws can use his skills and find vermillion with 70% chance.

A small briefing for the young Beastlords. The monsters on the islands are of 2 types: ordinary roaming monsters and more powerful guardians. Guardinans always have their treasure behind them, but to get this treasure, the adventurer will have to fight for it with its owner.

Here's the visual compare of usual monster and guardian. Do not confuse them, the guardians are considerably more dangerous!

Normal Monster

Guardian Monster

A breakthrough in genetics!

Our scientists have found out a new formula which made the Mutagen a lot more effective! They managed to exclude from mutation the genes which pet already has in its genome. But the most important discovery concerns the mutating bacteria itself: now this creepy little thing will add new genes from the pool with equal probability. Even the rarest genes have become reality among the keepers now!


Other events in our Kingdom:

  • City Mayor hired an assistant known as Fya to help with paperwork and municipal affairs
  • Townhall reception room was rebuild for the comfort of the new kingdom guests; several new chambers were added.
  • Administration placed a clock on the Townhall Tower

Meet our new moderator, Fya!

Please welcome our first moderator, Fya! :)

Fya said: I can't thank everyone as it would flood the site. So I'll just do it in this post for everyone! Thank you so much, I couldn't hope of a warmer welcome. If I could, I would have hugged all of you.


Thank you!

Open Beta Launch!

Today is our birthday!

We welcome all visitors and hope that you will like the game :)

Please post all your suggestions, ideas and found bugs at the Forums.

Gold Coins won't be available for purchase in the Beta version of the game. We would like to polish out all the bugs and to know if the game really deserves your attention and interest before taking any money. We grant free Premium Subscription for the Beta phase to compensate this.
If you still would like to use the items from the Premium Shop, please check the possibilties to earn Gold coins in our FAQ.

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