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Meet our new moderator, Fya!

Please welcome our first moderator, Fya! :)

Fya said: I can't thank everyone as it would flood the site. So I'll just do it in this post for everyone! Thank you so much, I couldn't hope of a warmer welcome. If I could, I would have hugged all of you.


Thank you!

Open Beta Launch!

Today is our birthday!

We welcome all visitors and hope that you will like the game :)

Please post all your suggestions, ideas and found bugs at the Forums.

Gold Coins won't be available for purchase in the Beta version of the game. We would like to polish out all the bugs and to know if the game really deserves your attention and interest before taking any money. We grant free Premium Subscription for the Beta phase to compensate this.
If you still would like to use the items from the Premium Shop, please check the possibilties to earn Gold coins in our FAQ.

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