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News & Announcements

The latest news and annoucements are posted here.
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Have a question about game features or mechanics?
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General Chat

Chat about anything BeastKeeper-related here.
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Everything related to custom skins
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Player Guides

A place for user-created guides to share the experience and help other players
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Pet Showcase

Show your pets here!
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New Player Hall
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All members are welcome to introduce themselves here
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Newbie Giveaways

Here you can organize a giveaway for newbies only, or get something for free if you're a newbie
BlazeWolf 1,679

Newbie Chat

New to the game? Feel free to ask quick questions here or chat about the game.
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Pet Sales

Sell your pets here!
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Item Sales

Sell your items here!
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Wanted Ads

If you're looking for things and don't feel like sorting throught the sales forums.
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Breeding Offers

Stud offers and requests go here
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Art Showcase &Trades

Show, sell and trade your art here
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Create breeding groups here to boost your pet breeding progress.
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You are free to make your characters live here
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Contests and Giveaways

If you want to organize a contest, please post it here
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Share and discuss your writing here
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International board

A place where you can chat using your native language.
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Discuss anything not related to BeastKeeper.

Other Games

Discuss other games here
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Forum Games

Have some time to kill?
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A board for old, locked and expired threads
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Bugs & Suggestions
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Found a bug? Tell us!
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Have a brilliant, earth-shattering idea?
Approved Suggestions
Refused and Irrelevant Suggestions
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BeastEon Development Forum
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Development News

Here we will be updating you about the development status and new features that we're currently working on
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Questions & Suggestions

We will be glad to answer all our questions and listen to your suggestions here
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Art Previews

All BeastEon artworks will be published here
Jazsam8 47

Gameplay Previews

As development progresses, we will be covering BeastEon gameplay features here
Angel 22

Game Lore

The history and current state of the game world
Angel 9

Misc Discussion

For discussing everything else related to BeastEon
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