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Account-related questions

  1. Am I allowed to have more than one account?
    No, you aren't. It would be unfair to other players if you will benefit from several satellite accounts. However, you can invite your friends and relatives to play and get more fun!

    Satellite account is an account that is used for stable and warehouse expansion, additional explores and material gathering, earning silver from quests and explore, getting bonuses from events, and also a bot account created specifically to get referral bonus.

  2. How can I delete my account?
    You can't delete an account. All accounts and pets are stored to keep the database integrity (pet relationships, messages, trade and battle logs). However, you can ask to ban your account permanently so no one will be able to login there and use it.
  3. How can reset my account? I want to start over.
    Sorry, there's no such option. It would be unfair to give some users a possibility of rerolling starter pets to get the ones with better and rarer genes.
    Please get rid of your old pets (sell on auction; send to Pound, Reserve or State Portal Service; gift) and catch, adopt or buy new ones if you don't like the starter pets or want to start a new breeding project.
  4. How can I change my username?
    You can send a request through Contact Form. Please fill out this form and include it in your message:
    Old username: Your old username
    New username: New desired username

    I acknowledge that I won't be able to login with my old username once it is changed. I will use new username to access my account.

    You can't request a username that is already used by another player.
    You can request username change only once per 3 months with no special reason (like you just get bored with your username or don't like that it's all written in caps).

General Gameplay questions

  1. How do I get more pet / item slots?
    You need to expand your Stable / Warehouse. To do this, first you need to find Blueprints: Stable (lvl 2) / Warehouse (lvl 2) or higher depending on the current level of your Stable. You can either find this item in Explore, purchase in State Store in case of building level, or trade it from other players. Then you need to study the blueprints by using them from your Inventory, collect the required materials, obtain a pet that fits the building requirements and build the expanded Stable just like you did with Laboratory in tutorial.

    Alternative fast way is to purchase and use an Expand Stable Scroll / Expand Warehouse Scroll from the Premium Shop.

    Please note that you can't increase the inventory limit of stored units per item type (9999 for food items and 999 for other item types).

  2. What do Located Islands and Energy Flow Cards numbers mean?

    Portals are scanning the environment and locating the other operational portals. The Portal has a memory limit of 20 points, each point is a located island. Every time when your pet passes the Portal, the number of located islands is reduced by 1. The Portal finds 1 new island every hour by default.

    You can build the State Portal Service Branch which will gladly take away any of your pets and employ it in the prospect of the island and portals which survived the flood. You will get 5 Energy Flow Cards with located island portals in exchange for your pet. Each Card is equal to 1 located island and can be used at any time. Energy Flow Cards are account bound and can't be transferred to another user.
  3. Any tips on winning the battles? How battle stats are calculated?
    Your battle efficiency depends on characteristics:
    • Defence depends on Constitution and Strength
    • Damage depends on Courage and Strength
    • Accuracy depends on Agility and Intelligence
    • Dodge depends on Agility and Intuition
    • Critical Chance depends on Courage and Intuition
    • Anti-Critical Chance depends on Constitution and Intelligence

    For example, your pet's Courage and Strength sum equals 30, while your opponent has Constitution and Strength sum of 60. Your absolute damage value will be lowered by 50% (-1% per every 2% of difference).
    Dodge and Critical Chance work the same way but using the other stats in formula.
    Battle parameters can't be modified more than by 50% (for example, you can't have more than 50% Critical Chance or more than +50% Damage).

    Remember that genes may considerably affect characteristics and add special abilities which will increase battle efficiency.

    If you fight with another Beastlord's pet, pay attention to whether he has the genes which work on a particular maneuver. For example, Fire Breath works when a pet uses Bite. So you can expect that your opponent will try to use this maneuver as often as possible. You can win if you will use the counter-maneuver.

    If you fight with a monster on the island, simply use the most powerful maneuver you have. Monsters don't use tactics and choose maneuvers randomly, so there's no point to rotate your maneuvers.

  4. What does "Descendant of Heroes" mean?
    Pets that have been thoroughly bred and gained Genetic Power grade are called Descendants of Heroes. Genetic Power grade is mentioned as number of hero generations. For example, a pet with Genetic Power grade 2 will be called "Descendant of Heroes in 2 generations".
  5. Trading pets and items: what options do I have?
    We have pet auctions and item auctions for trading. You can cancel an auction if there are no bids. A pet in auctions still takes the place at your stables and will leave your manor only after auction has ended and somebody made bid on it. Item in auctions doesn't take the place in you warehouse.
    Also, there's a place where you can make breeding offers with your males. A male who offers a breeding still take the place at your stables just like with the regular auctions. When a female accepts your breeding offer, your male spends 1 energy and will leave the breeding offers market if his energy has dropped to 0.

    You can send private offers for pets, items and breedings to other users. To create a private pet trade offer, you need to go to pet's profile and click "Sell Pet" at the Actions tab. The same thing is with private item trade: click on the item in you Inventory and choose "Sell" from the Action dropdown. If you would like to make a private breeding offer, visit the profile page of the female which you are offering to and select "Breeding Offer" from the Actions tab (the offering male should be selected as your active pet at this moment).

  6. Can I exchange the items or pets with another user?
    You can exchange the items with other users by creating a public exchange request here.
    To exchange the pets, visit the profile of a pet that you want to get, click "Exchange Offer" button and send an offer to the pet's owner.
  7. How can I get a Kami pet?
    Kami are special non-breedable pets. They are available only through special events. You can't adopt a Kami unless such event is running at the current time.
  8. What can I do with all of the extra blueprints, schemes and recipes that I have?
    You can learn the same scheme up to 6 times. The first time when you learn a scheme, it is added to your library. After that, each learned copy reduces the silver coins crafting cost by 10%, up to 50% total. The amount of required materials isn't reduced.
  9. Where can I get Snake Eye, Ancient Horn, Spirit in a Jar, Money Tree Sapling, Nightcat and blueprints for the highest levels of Stable, Warehouse, Astrologist, Military Academy and Townhall?
    These items can be obtained only from Portal on the Battlefield. Once per day the dwellers of the other moons send a trade request: they will trade one of these items for random 100 material units. A player who is standing on the Portal zone and has enough requested materials, may accept a trade with another moon at any moment unless it was already accepted by another player that day.

Pet Care questions

  1. How much does it cost to keep a pet? How do I feed my pets?

    Each day your pet will eat 18 pounds of food (the food type depends on the pet's diet). Feeding is automatic, you don't need to actually click "Feed" button somewhere. If you have the food in your Inventory, your pets will eat this food. If you don't have stored food, you will pay 1 for each food pound. Meaning, you would have to pay up to 18 per pet each day.

    The food/coins will be used for feeding only if you have logged in this day. You can go on holidays or simply rest from the game without being worried about your game balance.

  2. What happens to my pets if I don't have enough money or food to feed them?

    Nothing. There are no penalties for not feeding your pets except you feeling sorry when looking into their hungry eyes :)

  3. How fast does my pet age? Can my pet die from age?

    One in-game year lasts 6 months. A month has 3 weeks. 1 week lasts 4 real hours, so the month lasts 12 hours and year lasts 3 real days.
    Your pets will age with time but they are immortal and won't die from age.
    Pregnancy takes 1 real day.
    Childhood lasts 3 real days.

  4. How do I get more energy for my pets?

    Pet's energy replenishes with time, 1 energy point every hour (full energy bar replenishes in 10 hours). Right now there are no ways to increase maximum energy more than 10 points. The other ways to replenish energy are Energy Potion (premium item) and Sanctuary (building).

  5. How much energy does my pet spend for different actions?
    • Explore - 5 energy for entering the portal if your pet has more than 5 energy. If it has exactly 5 energy, it can enter for 4 energy.
    • Battles in Explore - 0 energy if you win, 1 energy if you lose.
    • Battles on Arena - 1 energy for every fight. Pets with Gladiator gene do not spend energy for the batlles that they lost.
    • Breeding - 1 energy per breeding.
    • Quests - 5 energy to start the quest.
    • Craft and Construction - 10 energy.
    • Actions on Battlefield - 10 energy for any action (move, reroll, fight).
  6. How can I rename my pet?

    You can give a name to any Nameless pet by clicking "Rename" button near the name in the pet profile.
    Please be aware that pets get used to their names and you won't be able to rename them at will. A Puma who was called Kitty for several years won't understand a Beastlord who starts calling her Flaming Sunset.
    You need to use the Amnesia Potion to make a pet forget its name and give it a new one.

  7. How can I increase my pet's characteristics and level?
    Your pet earns experience for the following actions:
    • Fighting at Arena
    • Fighting at the Tactic Map
    • Fighting monsters while exploring an island
    • Completing Crafting/Construction
    • Completing quests
    • Training for silver coins (requires Riding Hall)
    Pet characteristics grow with every new level according to the pet's diet, 6 points per level. The maximum level is 50. You can find or buy magic fruits to boost pets' characteristics when the maximum level is reached. Eating a fruit will give a bonus from 1 to 3 points to the characteristic (maximum bonus from fruits is 50 points).


  1. I found a bug! What should I do next?
    Please post it here. We'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
  2. Everything is broken after the last update!
    Please clear your browser cache. Updates usually involve the changing of javascript, css and image files which may be cached by your browser.
  3. I can't defeat a pet in tutorial fight! What should I do?
    This means that pet on Arena is more powerful than your pet or you just had bad luck for a few battles. Both pets are starter pets. Battle mechanics works in that way that there can't be 100% unwinnable combinations for pets of the same tier.
    You do not lose energy in tutorial battles, so just keep trying.
  4. "Breed" button is grayed out for my female. Why can't she breed?
    This can happen due to a number of reasons:
    • You should have free space in your stables. Go to your "Pets" page and check "Pet Limit" value at the top of the page.
    • Your female mustn't be busy and must have "Active" status.
    • The breeding limit of your female must be not exhausted. Check "Breedings" value in the "Pet Info" block on the profile page of your female.
  5. I accidently pounded my pet (sent to SPSB, gifted to wrong user, bred my female with wrong male etc.) Please reverse everything!
    Due to the nature of the game, there's no way to save game at a certain moment and then reverse it when you want to. All actions are irreversible just like in real life. Players are solely responsible for their in-game actions. Please only contact tech support in case if you're facing a tech problem.
  6. My pet is locked with a private offer/challenge and the other player does not reply. What should I do?
    There's a status line beneath the pet's name on pet profile page. You will see "Cancel" button there. Just click it and your pet is free again!
  7. I've made a bid on the auctions and didn't get my silver back after I was outbid.
    Auction bids are returned to owner after the auction ends. Please wait until the auction is finished.
  8. A building is blocking the path on the island. What should I do?
    Explore is totally random from the beginning until the end, and sometimes this random isn't so favourable. The flood which ruined the Old Empire wasn't thinking of passability on all of the islands, it was just a blind force of nature. Please consider this a Critical Miss.
  9. My pet can't move on the island!
    Please refresh the page. The problems like pet not moving or floating out of the explore box are caused by the terminated connection to server.
  10. My silver coins are mysteriously disappearing!
    Please make sure that no one else except you has access to your account. If you're not sure, please change your password.
    Here's the list of expenses, please make sure that none of them is taking your silver away:
    • Daily pet food (18 per pet if you don't have enough food in your inventory)
    • Genetics research (100 per gene)
    • Hiring catchers and sending them to expeditions
    • Placing bids on pet and item auctions
    • Buying pets and items through private offers
    • Accepting breeding offer from another player's pet
    • Losing a battle with bid on Arena or in private challenge
    • Buying items from the Magic Shop on islands
    • Using Forest Alchemist, Dead Tree Altar, Copper Idols and Shaman Hut on islands
    • Training a pet. Please remember that silver is not refunded when you cancel the training session.
    • Crafting items and constructing buildings
    • Using custom skins with a silver fee
    • Applying pets to an exhibition
  11. I have a proper pet for the quest, but it doesn't appear in the list.
    • Make sure that your pet has at least 5 energy, is adult and isn't busy
    • Research the target genes if the questgiver asks you for a pet with a certain trait, ability or color. Only dominant genes provide your pet with a required ability! Recessive gene is not expressed but can be passed to offsprings (please check "Genetics and breeding" FAQ section to learn how genes work).
    • Check if your pet doesn't have a custom skin for the color-related quests. The proper genetics isn't enough here; when a bride is looking for a white bird for the wedding, she wants it to look white, not only to carry the white gene.
    If all of these requirements are granted but you still can't send a pet to the quest, please report this in Bugs forum.
  12. I have a pet with a deviant pattern but it looks like a regular pet. Why is that?
    Normal pattern basically means no pattern. So if a pet with no pattern receives a deviant factor for pattern, it won't show in the phenotype in any way. However, such pet still can be used as a parent for a double deviant pet, or its deviance can be extracted to make a bottle of Liquid Deviance during events where this item is available.

Catching Wild Pets

  1. What chance of success does my catcher have?
    If the catcher meets a pet of proper class at his location, he tries to catch it. The possibility of catching depends on the sum of pet characteristics. Absolutely average pet with each characteristic of 35 (sum is 210) has 35% chance to be caught. If the sum is more than 210, the chance decreases. It's harder to catch a pet in the den and easier on the watering points (by 20%). Another modifier is astrology: hover the current month on the Map to see the effect.

    If the catcher meets a pet which is not his specialization, he will try to hide. The success of hiding depends on the pet's senses. In average, observers have 3 times more chances to hide than normal catchers.

  2. How do I know where to place my catchers?
    There are 3 types of locations on the map:
    • Den - Heart of the Forest, Big Tree, Magic glade, Cave (requires Climbing Gear), Old Ruins (requires Climbing Gear), Island (requires Boat)
    • Watering Point - Waterfall, Creek
    • Hunting area - Eastern Fields, Western Fields, Big Field
    Wild Pets visit them one by one. Every Wild pet has its Den. From the Den pets will move to the Watering Point and to the Hunting Area. If 2 pets go to the same location but there's a place only for one of them, they will fight and the loser will go back to the Den. You can place Observers to check the current position of the pets and then try to guess where the pets will go on the next turn.

    Probably you will want to build Cartographers Guild if you want to focus on catching wild pets. This structure allows to see the current positions of wild pets. Please note that these positions will change on the next turn, although it's quite easy to predict where the pet will be on the next turn.

  3. What happens if my catcher caught a pet? How do I tame it?
    If the catcher succeeded, new pet will automatically appear in your stables. Freshly caught wild pets require 3 days to be tamed. After the taming is finished, you can interact with the pet as usual.
  4. Why can't I send my catchers on an expedition?
    You need a license for every catcher you are sending. You should have a free place at your Stables for every catcher you are sending in case if all them will return with a caught pet.
  5. What are the Magic Catchers for?
    Magic Catcher can catch a Wild Pet of any class with a regular chance, so you don't need to observe the pets and calculate where they will go on the next turn.

Genetics and breeding questions

  1. How do I read the genetics chart?

    A pet has 10 gene pairs. In every gene pair, only one gene will show its effect - it's a dominant gene which is written in green. The gene which doesn't express effect is called recessive and written in gray. Dominance is determined by power of a particular gene. You can check the power of any gene in the List of Genes.

    Genes in the left column are inherited from mother, in the right - from father. Your pet's offsprings will inherit the genes from the left and right columns with equal probability. The division into columns is visual only.

    Genes have power and rarity. Gene power defines which gene in a pair becomes dominant. Gene rarity is the chance of getting this gene whenever a random gene is rolled (catching new pets, modifying the genetics of existing pets, giving birth to a pet with Degeneration), with the exclusion of Mutagen, which ignores the rarity modifier. You may find the exact chances of getting a certain gene in the List of Genes.

  2. Can I tell anything about pet's genetics without researching the genetics chart?

    You can identify some dominant genes even without researching the whole pet's genome. Almost all dominant genes are expressed directly.A blue striped dragon definitely has Blue and Striped as dominant skin color and skin pattern genes. If you see that your pet's Intelligence is colored red, you can assume that this pet has Slow-minded or Silly as a dominant gene, which decreases Intelligence. But if it's green, the pet has increased Intelligence and Smart or Quickmind among dominant brain genes. If you see no special coloring of Intelligence, you know that your pet doesn't have any dominant genes which can modify this characteristic. This can be helpful when you try to breed a child with certain genes but genetics of its parents isn't fully researched.

  3. What is Genetic Power? How can I get it for my pets?

    Genetic Power is a bonus which a child will get if its parents were properly trained before conceiving a baby.

    Genetic Power gives +10 bonus points to each characteristic for each Grade (in total +60 characteristics bonus points for each Grade). Anoother profit to have Genetic Power is access to temples in Explore, which give you items for free if you qualify for their Genetic Power requirements, the ability to fulfill the most high-paid quests, and the ability to use tactics on the Battlefield.

    The rules of acquiring Genetic Power:
    1. If both of the parents have level 50, their child will get +1 Genetic Power.
      If one of the parents is level 50 and the other is not, the child will get +1 Genetic Power if it has 7 or more dominant genes from the level 50 parent.
    2. If both of the parents has similar grade of Genetic Power, the child will get this grade and +1 grade if one or both parents have maximum level (according to the first rule).
    3. If parents have a difference of 1 grade of Genetic Power, the child will get the higher grade if it has inherited 7 or more dominant genes from the parent with higher grade. Genetic Power through level can be only acquired but not inherited in this case, thus the levels of parents do not play any role here and do not affect the Genetic Power grade of the child until they are both Lvl 50.
    4. If parents has a difference of 2 or more grades of Genetic Power, the child won't get Genetic Power grade for parents' genes, it can get only 1 Grade for parents' levels.

    Some examples to illustrate these rules:
    1. Lvl 50 pet GP grade 2 x Lvl 50 pet = Child GP Grade 1
    2. Lvl 50 pet GP grade 1 x Lvl 50 pet = Child GP Grade 2 (if there are 7 or more dominant genes from parent with Grade 1) or Grade 1 (if there are less than 7 dominant genes from parent with Grade 1)
    3. Lvl 50 pet GP Grade 2 x Lvl 50 pet GP Grade 1 = Child GP Grade 3 (if there are 7 or more dominant genes from parent with Grade 2) or Grade 2 (if there are less than 7 dominant genes from parent with Grade 2)
  4. How to avoid Degeneration?

    A child gets a Degeneration grade when it is inbred. This means that its parents are relatives within 3 generations. This will result in getting negative genes which parents do not have and the increase of the power of negative genes which they have already. Degeneration grade can't be removed from a pet which already has it, but you can decrease or remove it for the future offsprings of this pet by choosing the second parent wisely.

    Degeneration always increases or decreases by one grade (except the cases of normal breeding and no Degeneration in parents). If the parents aren't close relatives, the Degeneration grade of their child will decrease by 1. If the parents are relatives within 3 generations, the Degeneration grade of their child will increase by 1, the base will be the highest Degeneration grade of the parents.

  5. Do parent levels and stats influence the child's stats aside of the Genetic Power?

    No, parent levels and stats do not affect child stats. The primary inborn stats are generated randomly with the distribution close to Gaussian in range from 20 to 50 points.

  6. How can I breed a pet with a deviant color?

    You need to select parents that have same skin color or/and skin pattern genes. A baby born as homozygous (having two copies of the same gene) for skin color or skin pattern has a 1/10 chance to develop a deviant color when maturing. This mutation is phenotypic and not inherited by the offsprings of an affected pet. A gene that produces a deviant phenotype will be marked with
    The color name of such pet gets an asterisk (*) symbol to mark deviance.

    The only way to breed a pet with both deviant skin color and skin pattern is to choose very specific parents. One of the parents should have a deviant skin color and the second one should have a deviant skin pattern. The chances of getting deviance still remains 1/10 even with proper parents, so babies with double deviance are extremely rare and valuable.

    Deviant colors are available only through breeding. Wild pets can't have deviant colors.

    It's not possible to get a deviant color by using Mutagen but it's possible to lose it this way. The same concerns color mutations with the help of Forest Alchemist. An external mutation may ruin pet's deviant color reversing deviant genes to the normal state, so be careful when altering the genetics of your deviants. It's enough to change only one gene from a deviant allele pair to lose the deviant color.

Premium Membership and Gold Coins questions

  1. How can I get Gold Coins?

    You can purchase Gold Coins here. Also you're able to earn Gold Coins by:

    • Taking a position among Top 10 players in the Weekly Charts
    • Inviting your friends to play BeastKeeper. You will get 10 for every referral who has completed the tutorial. You can find your referral link at My Account tab.
    • Uploading custom skins and sharing them (10 for each 10 uses, maximum reward is 100). Selling your custom skins and custom apparels uses for Gold Coins.
  2. What benefits does Premium subscription give?
    • Premium users can set Triggers.
    • Premium users see maneuvers that are currently selected by your opponents at the Battlefield.
    • Premium users get Inbreeding Warning when trying to breed pets that are close relatives.
    • Normal users can perform searches only among pets which are being traded. Premium users can search among all pets. This can be useful if you're looking for a pet with special traits and want to buy it from another Keeper who didn't put this pet up for trade.
    • Premium users can search among their own pets.
    • Normal users only see a pet's mother and father. Premium users have access to full genealogy.
    • Premium users can instantly leave the island from any point of the map. Normal users need to move to the portal tile first.
    • Premium users can send a group of pets to Arena and cancel all battle applications for a group with one click.
    • Premium users can see their pets ranked for the current exhibition before applying them to the exhibition (valid only for exhibitions that don't have random parameters involved).
  3. What is a trigger?

    Triggers allow you to get notifications on your email every time when certain conditions are met. For instance, you want to buy a Male Dragon with dominant Napalm Gland and Spitting Muscle genes (yes, you want him to breath fire!) and Genetic Power 1. You go to the Pet Triggers and check there the following settings: Triggers

    After submitting this trigger, you will get an email notification every time when such dragon appears on sales.

    The same thing can be done with the Breeding Offers and Items.

Custom Skins questions

  1. How can I customize my pet?
    You can use your own art skills or skins created by other players to make your pet look unique. First you need to acquire a special magic item - Rainbow Jar. You can find it while exploring the islands and fulfilling the quests, and you can buy it at the Premium Shop. Then you need to use it in order to apply one of the public custom skins to your pet.
    Custom skin doesn't affect any genetics or pet characteristics. Children of a customized pet won't inherit the custom skin, they will be born with normal appearance.
  2. Am I allowed to create custom skins for other players?
    Yes, but you still need to upload your skin from your account. To avoid problems with copyright, user can upload only his own artwork.
  3. Can I sell my custom skins to other players?

    You can set a price in Silver or Gold coins per single use of your custom skin. You can adjust this fee at any time if you like.

  4. Can I submit a custom skin for baby pets?

    Rainbow Jar can't be used on the baby pets. Although you can create a custom skin with pet of any age and apply this skin to adult pets.

  5. Can I modify the official skin bases?

    You can make any changes you like or create a completely custom skin without using official base at all. The official bases are just a helping tool, not a hard rule.

  6. Can I retire my custom skin?

    You can remove your custom skin if it wasn't used by other players. If it has at least one public use, the skin will be available forever.

  7. How long does it takes to pass the moderation?

    We review most of the skins in 1-3 days. You will get a notice on your Reports page in case if your skin is approved, and a private message with reason if it was rejected.

  8. Does the site obtain rights to an image if we use it as a skin or apparel?

    Yes. The site will gain the right to reproduce your artwork in the framework of the site and for the game advertisement purposes (for example, posting the artwork in game Facebook group, crediting author's game nickname with link to the author's profile). Of course, you save the rights to use this work in non-commercial purposes. The only restriction is using it in the frameworks of other sites, even if this is free of charge there - this can cause copyright problems between BeastKeeper and these other sites.

    In exchange of this the artist gets compensation with the Gold Coins if the skin will be used by other users. If the skin wasn't used by anyone and not based on the site artwork, the artist can delete this artwork from our database and the site won't have the rights for this artwork anymore.

  9. How do I report a custom skin that uses stolen art?

    Click "Report this skin" button in the list of custom skins or "Report this pet" button in the pet profile. Please include a link to the stolen image.

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