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  • Angel
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Posted at 2013-02-22 22:37:06 — Link

Dear beta testers!

A bit of explanations between "Help" and "Bugs" boards.

When you create a thread in "Bugs", a full dump of your user data is created. If you want to help us in solving the problem, please report your bug when you are actually facing it, and try to make something yourself only after this. For example, do not leave the island if you faced some problem there. We won't be able to reproduce the conditions which caused the bug if they are not in your user data dump.

If you create the thread in the "Help" board, no data dump will be created! Please try to post here your questions and issues that do not concern technical problems, and vice versa. All how-to, whats-this, and forum usage issues go here.

Thank you for your patience and input! Together we will make BeastKeeper rock! :)

  • Lumiesque
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Posted at 2013-02-23 05:02:57 — Link


I'm so glad we can assist in making this site amazing!




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