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Frozen time bug

Yesterday we encountered a server problem which is resolved now. It prevented all game timers from working, resulting in bugs like energy not regenerating, pets stuck in quests and crafting, babies stuck at birth etc. 

We're very sorry for this server hiccup. We credited 30 as compensation for all affected players.

The Mechanician Outfit

The Mechanicians Guild is proud to present their latest invention - the Mechanician Outfit, which became possible only because of the wondrous new materials found in the hot lava valleys of the Volcano biotope. This gear provides not only mechanical protection but also allows to significantly increase the speed, maneuverability, and strength of the wearer, as well as scare off or injure attackers.

Beastlords need the Tack Workshop (lvl 2) to craft this apparel.

The only species refusing to wear the new outfit is the Lykos. Their natural affinity for ice and winter conflicts with the fiery essence of the new invention.

The Egg Hunt

Dandelion Hopper
Conclave of Warlocks
is looking for Colored Eggs!

Hunt all guardian monsters on islands to collect the eggs.
Here's a sample:

Visit our exchange station to trade Colored Eggs.
Offer is valid until April 19th, 23:59!

Top 50 Beastlords who bring* the most eggs will get a random Hopper!
Check the ranks

The annual migration of Hoppers has started. Search for their eggs in the lairs of guardian monsters in all biotopes. The Conclave is highly interested in collecting egg samples. As always, the Warlocks count on the help of the Beastlords and offer nice rewards for the eggs!

Two new colors emerged this year, adapted for the everblooming plains of Europa.

*Only Colored Eggs spent in the Warlock Exchange Station count.

Each player is allowed to have only one account. Players who have multiple accounts will be banned.


Miscellaneous Updates

  • Titles management update:
    • The titles are automatically removed from pets sent to SPSB, used for activation of Etelia Snowflakes, and sent away in events.
    • It's now possible to edit titles for pets in the Reserve.
    • You may remove a title from all pets at once on the Manage My Titles page.
  • The Stinky Cloud ability (a squad of 4 Throdama grade 3 Warriors) now causes an instant 3-maneuver degradation instead of adding one degradation cycle.
  • A bunch of typo fixes.

Stuck at home and looking for more to do?

The portal locates new islands twice as fast and has its memory doubled until April 25th.
We hope that you, your families and friends are all staying safe. We appreciate that you continue to play BeastKeeper in these hard times. Thank you so much and take care.
The BeastKeeper Team

Share the Love

Valentine's Day Puma
Amor and Dita are looking for Rose Buds to decorate their Love Cabin!

Fulfill Quests and defeat guardians of Beast Temples in Explore to collect Rose Buds.

Visit the Love Cabin to trade Rose Buds for exclusive apparels.
Offer is valid until February 23th, 23:59!

Planned maintenance

We have a server maintenance scheduled on Saturday.

Date: January 25, 2020  
Time: 11:00 - 15:00 game time (04:00 EST - 08:00 EST)

Gold Coins purchases will be disabled for 24 hours. The Tundra event is extended by 24 hours until March 5th, 23:59 EET

We apologize for any inconveniences!

Tundra is available!


Winter is here again! Tundra biotope has become available through the portal network. Beastlords value these cold distant islands for the possibility to find hibernating Lykos Eggs, and the luckiest ones can wander upon a Pristine Snowflake and grow their own Etelia.

If this is your first cold season on Europa, please visit these threads:

Learn about Tundra

Learn about Etelias

Tundra direction will be closed on March 6th, 23:59 EET

Update: the event is extended by 2 days to cover the downtime caused by the server maintenance. The new date is March 6th, 23:59 EET

Craftable and Custom Apparels

Unicorn with Green Demonic Outfit

We have two important apparel related updates today!

We introduce the apparel crafting system.

You may find it in Manor > Tack Workshop. You need to have the Tack Workshop to be able to craft the apparels. Several permanent designs available at the moment, and more are coming.

The Tack Workshop now has two levels, each allowing to craft a set of apparels. Apparels don't take any place in the inventory anymore even without the Tack Workshop.

It's now possible to create custom apparels!

You may find the page to do this at Pets > Submit a Custom Apparel. The submission is completely free! Also unlike official apparels, custom ones don't require the Tack Workshop neither for submission nor for crafting. 

We're especially excited about this update and eager to see your  wonderful creations! 

Related Updates

The Laboratory can be upgraded to level 3. The third level allows to craft apparel specific dyes and alloys. You may access your level 3 Laboratory craft at Manor > Laboratory.


Some of the rare components stock in the State Store. Keep an eye on them!


Monsters in explore drop new materials for apparel crafting.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and report bugs!

Merry Christmas!

You're sitting in your living room, staring unblinkingly at the fireplace. You're pretty sure that you won't be able to see the mysterious gift-giving stranger, but you're curious to see how he will trick you this time.

You didn't plan to sleep and could swear that you closed your eyes just for a moment, but somehow a few hours have passed. Did someone add a sleeping pill to your coffee?... You notice a mysterious bag near the fireplace in your living room. A small postcard is attached to the bag throat:

"Dear Beastlord! Why not take a few of your pets on a holiday sleigh ride to honor the passing year?

Here's a little something to boost the holiday mood. I hope you like your gift!"

Click to claim your gift

The giveaway is valid until December 28th, 23:59 EEST (game time)

Reminder: each player is allowed to have only one account. Don't create additional accounts to get extra gifts. All players who have multiple accounts will get their accounts banned.

A new biotope has been discovered - Volcano

You found a job offer from Warlocks in your mailbox.

Molten Etelia
Conclave of Warlocks is looking for Magma Crystals!

Travel to Volcano islands in Explore and explore Lava Crystals to collect the samples:

Visit our exchange station to trade Magma Crystals.
Offer is valid until November 14th, 23:59!


The job offer is accompanied by a personal letter.

Cinnamon Bird
Dear Beastlord, 
We discovered a highly geoactive archipelago. It has raised from the ocean bottom just a few hundred years ago. Though its environment is hostile and barren, it attracts a lot of large fauna. You are already familiar with Salamanders who infest these islands, but they are not the only ones living there; we found breeding grounds of Cinnamon Birds, mistakenly believed to be extinct. Myrmecoleons and otherworldy Orthrus dogs have established successful populations here as well, mostly feeding on Cinnamon Bird and Salamander spawn. Rumors about the weird black trees must be false because the conditions here can't sustain any flora except occasional primitive forms. 
That's all great and super interesting (at least for Druids who, as you may guess, are overjoyed about finding those overgrown plant-eating vultures). But why should you, a noble Beastlord (definitely not a Druid), risk your pets' lives to explore these charred rocks full of aggressive monsters? We assure you that you will find something interesting here as well. A peculiar nature phenomenon, Magma Crystals, is a common encounter among the cracks and fissures. They have no value on their own, so don't try to sell them to somebody else. However, some of their properties look promising for a technology we're developing at the moment. We're sure that you will be interested in it as well. We have something that will make your pets special. Please bring as many samples as you can to the Exchange Station, and you'll be surprised how generous our rewards can be!
We already uploaded the coordinates to your portal system.
Safe travels!
P.S. Oh, and please choose only your strongest pets for this journey. You know, to bring as many loot as possible.
Conclave of Warlocks
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