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BeastKeeper News #3

The Golems are here

With the help of the Beastlords, the ancient manuscript was restored and the Magicians managed to construct and animate several Golems. The users who helped the Council have earned the unique achievement which is viewable in their profile and below avatar in the forum posts.

A Golem is an artificial being which multiplies the materials spent on its construction by 2. The Golems live 10 days providing 1/10 of their total material resource each day. To create a Golem, you need to find and learn its Scheme first. You can find the schemes for 4 Golems right now: Clay, Stone, Wood and Cotton.

Art Contest: New Golems

Take part in the art contest and create the other Golems!

Updates: Explore and other

  • Your pets will spend 5 energy points for every island visit. The amount of resources, coins and probability of building generation are raised proportionally, XP amount is doubled. The portals are working more stable now. From this moment, a pet will stay on the island even after the loss in battle though every loss will cost you 1 energy point. The pets still return home from island after the loss if the battle started with 0 energy. The amount of resources on islands generated before this update won't change but the new rule with energy decreasing after batlle loss will apply there too.
  • You can find a new building on the islands - a Fountain which replenishes 5 energy.
  • The sea items won't be blocked by buildings and the treasure chests won't be placed on the buildings anymore.
  • Gray Jar is removed from the Magic Shop goods.
  • To balance the XP gain from the usual monsters, the amount of XP earned from the battles with other pets on Battle Arena is doubled.
  • You can see Gene Power of your pet's genes directly in you pet's profile by hovering over the gene names.
  • Degeneration inheritance mechanics has changed: if the parents aren't close relatives and have Degeneration grade, the Degeneration grade of their child will reduce by 1 instead of being removed completely.

Text Quests - test mode. What is your opinion?

We want to introduce you Hoot - the tool for creating the text quests developed by Dave Gauer. You can try creating your own text quests here. This tool has a simple scripting language which allows you to create interactable non-linear branching stories. You can get the very basic idea by checking sample auto-generated Hoot quest.

You can save your stories and post the links here for other players to play your quests!

We're planning to use player quests in 2 areas (read more about them here):
1. Daily Quest (minor feature).
2. World storytelling (major feature).

If you like writing or fulfilling text quests and want to see these features implemented, please share your opinion here!

BeastKeeper Cosmology

Welcome Beastmasters, to the history of our kind… 5 billion years ago our ancestors were forced to emigrate from the planet Earth when the Sun became a red giant and the whole planet became inhospitable to life as they knew it. As their demise became imminent, the surviving humans moved forth and terraformed the moon of Jupiter, Europa, and migrated to their new home. The differences between their new home and Earth were apparent when creatures of huge sizes thrived where they could not have possibly lived in the environment of Earth. It became common to see enormous Dragons, Rocs and Gryphons in the wilds of their new planet. The ancestors thrived in their new civilization for thousands of years on the planet Europa, but  the same catastrophe that destroyed life on Earth now endangers the planet and all of the creatures that have made their home there.

The same red giant sun has melted the ice on Europa and has created planet-wide floods which covered most of planet leaving scattered islands and destroying much of civilization. Whispers from the people tell stories that the remnants of humanity are searching for a way to travel to more distant moons, but there has been nothing to confirm the rumors. Some sources speak of new biospheres which have been kept secret, other life forms, and the potential for new colonies.

While living on the planet of Europa, the people thrived, creating a utopia. Their advanced scientific knowledge of space travel, no longer necessary, gave way to a whole new form of knowledge, convening in the Council of Mages and the Warlock Conclave. The Mages looked over and taught humans, but they themselves were not true humans, not as we would see them. Their own genetic makeup had evolved the genes of other species, giving them kinship with certain animals that were heart-bound and couldn't resist being attracted to the Mages that shared their genome. Many people believe that the Mages possess the secrets of life and can manipulate flesh and soul at will. These supernatural abilities leave an air of mystery surrounding the Mages, and humans look to them with awe and fear. Creatures like Gryphons were believed to be the result of the Mages artificial experimenting, but no one knew for sure whether this is truth or not. Meanwhile, the Mages have continued to research the souls of the creatures of Europa for several years, and they now believe they are close to finding a way to travel to the other moons by harnessing these powers.

The Conclave of Warlocks are born normally, as humans, but choose to modify their essence and body by consuming the powers of different supernatural creatures, such as magickal animals. Even Mages and Druids, who disappeared mysteriously, have been sources of this power. These disappearances have been at the core of the hostility between the Mages and Warlocks that hunt them to consume their energies. Instead of living in a symbiotic relationship with certain creatures as the Mages do, the Warlocks' sole purpose is to enslave and consume the energies of all different creatures and sources.

Written by Erislyn
Concept by Voron_eril

Meet our Staff Writer, Erislyn!

Please welcome our new Staff member, Erislyn! She will help us with all the game texts and concepts from now on.

BeastKeeper News #2

Old Manuscripts

It is well-known that the majestic cities of the Old Empire were build with the help of Golems - the artificial creatures created from inanimate matter. Although the secret of creating the Golems was lost at the times of the Great Flood.

The Council of Mages discovered that the key to the animation of inanimate substance lies in the ancient manuscript which could escape destruction in the flood. The Council calls on all of the Beastlords to pass the found parts of the manuscript to the Municipal Scriptorium. When all of the parts will be collected, the Mages will be able to restore the principle of producing these industrious beings. Magicians promise to make a copy of the new Golem schemes as a reward for all Beastlords who will help by giving the manuscript parts to the Scriptorium.

We're happy to introduce the new features!

  • Gray Jar allows you to remove the custom skin from your pet and revert it's color to the natural one. You can buy it in the State Store or find on the islands.
  • You can build a Reserve which will take your retired pets to leave in peace for the rest of their days. The pets sent to Reserve can't be returned back.
  • You can view the list of pet's offsprings by clicking a link on the children count in pet's profile.
  • On the Arena you can see the type of battle application next to the pet's name.
  • You can use Blueprints and Schemes up to 5 times to reduce the Silver Coins cost of construction by 10% for each used scheme.
  • The items used in events (like parts of Manuscript) has their own menu tab and don't take the place in the Warehouse.

Skin Base Coloring Tutorial

We had a lot of questions about coloring the single-layer bases. We offer all interesed players to read this short tutorial :)

Read the tutorial

Craft & Construction Balance Update

Dear players,

We draw your attention to the recipe requirements updates. Some of the recipes require more resources now in order to balance the excess of these resources found on the islands.

BeastKeeper Art Concerns

Dear players,

It seems that we have a bit of misunderstanding about some of the BeastKeeper artworks. Let us clear all of the questions here please.

1. "The items and builduings are hevy referenced/stolen! These are images from Google!"
There is no such license type as "images from Google". These images are not referenced/stolen, they are purchased from image stock sites and DAZ 3D. Please get familiar with the EULA of DAZ and the terms of Royalty-free license from Shutterstock.

2. "The baby griffin is highly referenced from Aywas griffin!"
Please show me at least one matching line in these 2 artworks. I don't think that if someone draws an animal in a sitting at 3/4 pose, then no one can draw it anymore in this pose. The pose can't be copyrighted. Otherwise it would mean that if someone draws a galloping horse, no one has rights to draw a galloping horse again. You know that it's not true.

I had a similar complaint about a year ago, several persons from the pet site were saying that I'm plagiarizing from Kamirah. To have a third-party judge, I posted this as public dispute on WetCanvas. I offer to do this again. This is a highly professional community of artists from all over the world, and I think that their opinions are quite weighty arguments. We're open to your suggestions about another third-party judge too.

Edit: By accepting the new pose as an original art and not an art-theft, the users who complained about the baby griffin and Aywas have automatically accepted that the only thing which were "copyrihted" is pose. I will concern this a violation of our rights and an attempt of harassing us in order to create the problems because of the competiton in the same market segment. The pose can't be copyrighted. 

Please check lawyer answers on here on Avvo.com for a similar question if you're not sure about how copyright works in this case.

3. "The dragon is stolen from a famous anatomical dragon reference!"
We provided the credentials for reference author in the Terms and Conditions, and we personally asked him for permission to build our skin art upon his reference. An update will be posted here as soon as we get a reply.

Edit from March 9th, 2013. We got a personal permission from Eugene Arenhaus to use this anatomic dragon reference as a reference for our skins.

4. "The author stole pets from art-angel.ru!"
Probably you've noticed that we have GMT +2 timezone :) It's my personal site. I posted these artworks there just to show them to people before the game was launched. All of them were created specially for this project.

5. "I’m also 90% sure that I’ve seen the unicorn image before"
Maybe you're trying to remember this image which was a style basis for the unicorn here. It's one of my horse coats on Howrse browser game.

6. "Who is the author of your logo?"
Our logo was made by a hired russian designer Solly.

7. "Your human characters and store images has completely different style! Did you stole them too?"
All of our human characters and store images are created by another Russian hired artist Marina Pavlova.

Hoping for your understanding and wisdom,
BeastKeeper Team and personally Angel

Tutorial Update #2

We want to apologize for the tutorial glitch which made players stuck on the breeding step. At the this moment the problem is solved. To compensate the inconveniences, we credited 10 to everyone who was stuck on this tutorial step. I hope this will help to smooth over the rough spots. Please come back to the game, our Kingdom is waiting for you!

Trading, breeding and pet catching processing are not instant now and can take up to several minutes, so please be patient.

This glitch appeared because of the another serious bug which we were fighting for the whole day yesterday. Thanks to the help of our players, we managed to figure out why this bug was happening. Although both of us were very tired and we missed a small but important thing which broke the tutorial. We hope for your understanding. Game team has only 2 developers: coder and designer. We weren't expecting the game to become so popular this fast. Since this is only a beta and it was launched less than a week ago, there's still a lot of bugs and problems, and sometimes we don't manage to solve all the problems fast enough. Thanks for your patience!

Bug reporting

Dear beta testers!

A bit of explanations between "Help" and "Bugs" boards.

When you create a thread in "Bugs", a full dump of your user data is created. If you want to help us in solving the problem, please report your bug when you are actually facing it, and try to make something yourself only after this. For example, do not leave the island if you faced some problem there. We won't be able to reproduce the conditions which caused the bug if they are not in your user data dump.

If you create the thread in the "Help" board, no data dump will be created! Please try to post here your questions and issues that do not concern technical problems, and vice versa. All how-to, whats-this, and forum usage issues go here.

Thank you for your patience and input! Together we will make BeastKeeper rock! :)

Tutorial Update

We noticed that a lot of beginner Beastlords faced a problem with exploring their first island which is left after the cataclysm in the old Empire. The Royal Rescue Service helped these lords with the exploring and showed them way home, giving 10 to cover the losses. We will be happy to see you in our Kingdom again and greately apologize for the inaccurate instructions given you by our herald. He's a trustworthy and loyal old man but sometimes distraction hits him because of the old age.

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