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Tactic Balance Update

The testing of the tactics showed that some maneuvers are a bit overpowered and allow to create unbeatable combination. To make the tactic battles more balanced, the following changes will be introduced in 3 days (October 6th):

  1. Leadership gets cap of 5 points maximum.
  2. A pet can have only one elemental attack maneuver at the same time. 
  3. 100+ stats bonus adds 1 point to elemental maneuvers so they will score 4 points instead of 3.

Please update your tactic combinations. The system will update the combination with 2 elemental attacks per pet automatically in case if players won't change them manually before this update.

Tactic balance update is live. Extra elemental attacks were swapped automatically to the available basic maneuvers both in pet profiles and on the current Battlefield rolls.

Guild Competition Event - Pumas won!

The Guild of Miners thanks Beastlords for help! This time they've managed to win the tender for the development of the Selenium deposit. To show their appreciation, Miners used a part of the developed Selenium for producing a mixture which reduces fatigability and shared it with the species that helped them to win.

625 Cockatrices and 812 Pumas were sent to help the Guilds.

Pumas have won the competiton and will regenerate energy twice as fast for the next 7 days.


Our data center was experiencing tech problems and BeastKeeper was unavailable for 3 hours (22:00 - 1:00 EEST).

The server time was wrong for 4 hours after the site went up, so there's a 4-hour mistiming for all the time-bound features (auctions, pregnancy, childhood, taming, pet catching etc.). We resetted the energy recovery timer for all pets to synchronize it with the actual time.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for understanding,
BeastKeeper Team

Tactics Logic Contest

We have a small tactics-related contest started. The prizes are 5 x Mutagen and 1 x Squad Energy Pack and maybe even more premium items for those who will show their tactics genius and provide the correct solution for the tactic problem.

Join the contest

BeastKeeper News #8

Guild Competition Event - Revanche

The Mechanicians Guild has developed the unique Selenium mine with the help of Rocs for several years and now the mine is exhausted. The State Portal Service geologists found another vein that lies deep below the exhausted one. The central problem that they are facing is how to reach there to continue development. A new tender is announced to find a technology to break the way through the hard rock and reach the deposit of the indispensable Selenium.

The Miners offer to use the agility and ability to see in the darkness of Pumas. The hard rock is pierced with a high number of narrow twisting channels of natural origin. Pumas can explore these channels and find the easy way to the lower deposits.
The Mechanicians think that the fastest method to make a way to the deposits is to use the acid of Cockatrices and simply dissolve the rock.

Both approaches require some extraordinary efforts from pets. Pumas must be extremely agile to find their way through insidious and dangerous channels, and Cockatrices must show high endurance to stand such body burden and produce enough acid solution.

Who are you going to help? There are 7 days for the competitors to hire enough participant pets. If you would like to participate in this event, go to Quests tab: Miners are looking for the agile Pumas while Mechanicians need the tough Cockatrices.

The winner will be the Guild which gets the better support of the Beastlords.  The winning pet species will regenerate energy twice as fast for one week!

Battlefield Quests and new levels of the buildings in your Manor

The opened portal allowed Beastlords to trade with the dwellers of Io. They are interested in exchanging some of their unique resources and blueprints into  common Europa materials.

These alien materials and knowledge allow to improve some of the technologies (sometimes in quite strange ways) that are used on Europa right now. Here's what you can build using the resources from Io:

  1. Stable (lvl 5)
  2. Warehouse (lvl 6)
  3. Townhall (lvl 5)
  4. Astrologist (lvl 4)
  5. Military Academy (lvl 3)

You must reach the portal zone to deliver the goods and perform an exchange. You can fulfill one battlefield quest per day. Astrologist may help you to trade your goods for a certain item but his powers here are twice as less because of the distance between the moons.

Miscellaneous Updates

  1. A new Theory of Chaos Tactics has been added. It acts just like the Maneuvers tactics but neutralizes all the other tactics used in the battle if you rolled more Movement maneuvers than your opponent.
  2. Battle Arena is redesigned to show the image of your opponents and their Genetic Power and Degeneration.
  3. Pets with manual battle applications will be automatically removed from Arena in 24 hours.
  4. The characteristics requirements for high-level buildings are increased.
  5. After the first wave of Symurghs have moved to Europe, the best individuals are taking a close look at the Beastlords and choosing who they are willing to join. The more battles have you won while defending the portal, the better Symurgh will join you. Every battle adds 15% probability to get the positive and avoid the negative genes (but no more than 50% in total). Also the number of battle wins affect received rating points (3 points for every victory, basic value is is 3 points) and silver (1000 for every battle win, basic value is 4000).

BeastKeeper News #7

New building - Astrologist

A young enigmatic man has come to your land trying to avoid the social discontent. He looks for a place to stay and work and he is ready to pay you with his talent if you will give him a shelter and provide with instruments.

Astrologist allows you to focus on collecting a specific resource or finding a certain item. He increases the chances of finding the chosen object by 3, 4 and 5 times depending on the building level. You can buy the blueprints for Astrologist (lvl 1) in the State Store.

Official PSD bases for all species

The PSDs with separate layers for shadows, highlights and color are now available for all species. There's a transparency lock on every layer so you can just draw without creating new layers and tinkering with blending modes. Click the image to download PSD for the needed species. PNGs are still available for download on the Skin Upload page for players who work in different software and can't use PSDs.

Miscellaneous Updates

  1. Demo Squad Energy Packs are withdrawn from the game.
  2. You can add polls to your threads in the community boards.
  3. Pets that reached their breeding limit will be automatically removed from Breeding Offers and My Males lists.
  4. Expand Stable Scroll price is reduced to 10
  5. Amnesia Potion price is reduced to 5

Planned Server Maintenance

There will be a planned server maintenance on September, 18th, from 4:00 to 5:00 AM at BeastKeeper time (GMT +3). We apologize for the inconvenience.

BeastKeeper News #6

The Battlefield and Tactic Battles

The scouts discovered a new island filled with the traces and ruins left from the Old Empire. The Beastlords will compete with each other to control the key zones on this island. But now pets won’t fight alone, they will be united into squads of 4 pets.

 There will be 3 main benefits which may draw the attention of a Beastlord:

  1. There are 3 lesser key zones on the island which produce vermillion. The Beastlord whose squad controls such zone will get vermillion until another squad will force him out.
  2. The central key zone is a source of rate which affects the prices on the auction. How this works: for example, a lord buys a pet for 1000 silver coins but pays only 900. Although the pet seller gets the full price for his pet.
  3. The  central key zone is a door to other moons where new pet species can be obtained. An ancient portal lies in the heart of the forgotten island. A traveller who dares to step through the doorway will see the fascinating alien worlds, full with thriving and strange lifeforms.

We've made a small video explaining the squad system and tactic battles.

Please check the Tactics FAQ for a complete guide on the new features.

The new pet species - Symurgh

Half-canine and half-avian, she is a quintessence of life and prosperity, fascinating the people with grace and mesmerizing colors. It's a giant creature that is big enough to deal with a Dragon - the size of Symurgh is close to that of an adult Roc. Nobility and dignity are essential parts of her nature, so before she decides to help you, you'll need to convince her that you're worthy of her. Her powers are fertility, purification and regeneration.

The native world of Symurghs is Io. They prefer abundant mountain landscapes with open water sources like rivers, ponds and waterfalls. The ecosystem and Symurgh live in symbiosis: the land provides Symurgh with everything it needs while the animal increases the fertility of nearby lands being a source of a specific aura which affects all protein life forms. The initial research group discovered that this "aura" is actually a very generic type of  pheromones that affect the process of cell division, making it more stable, and increases the speed of metabolism. This improves immunity, helps to recover from wounds and produce crops and offsprings faster than usual. The Mages suppose that Symurgh developed this property naturally because of the huge amount of food required to support such a large creature on a planet with scarce resources. Somehow they need to support the area where they live, or it would be devastated.

Symurghs have 30 unique colors and 9 specific genes.

New buildings, guests and premiun items

The Military Academy trains and organizes pet squads.  Every building level adds one squad slot. You need to build the first level of Military Academy to organize your first squad. You can find the blueprints for this building in the State Store or when exploring the islands.

Laboratory level 2 is equipped with genetic material storage where the samples from all your pets are kept. It allows you to research pet genetics even if the pet is busy. You can find the blueprints for this building when exploring the islands.

There are 4 new guests that can come to your Inn:
  • Conquistador. Increases the amount of Vermillion and silver earned from the Tactic map zones by 50%.
  • Strategist. Allows to see the maneuvers of opponent's pets directly on the Tactic Map.
  • Tactician. Reduces the energy required for reroll by 50%.
  • Financier. Increases the income from Townhall by 100%.
And there are 2 new items in the premium shop:
  • Squad Energy Pack. Replenishes the energy of all pets in squad to maximum. You can find and use the recipe to craft this box from 3 Energy Potions and to disassemble it into 3 Energy Potions. Available for silver coins in the State Shope for the testing period.
  • Mercenary License.Increases the squad limit by 1.

...and several minor bugfixes

We're asking our community to help us with the testing of the new features once more. Thank you for playing BeastKeeper!

Site issues

The site was experiencing a major server issue (01:00 - 14:30 GMT +3 June 8th). All data was restored from the backup to the state on 00:30 June 8th. We're extremely sorry for all the inconveniences. All players will be credited 30. We hope that you will continue enjoying BeastKeeper!

Our apologies,
BeastKeeper Team

Guild Competition Event - Rocs are the winners!

The Guild of Mechanicians thanks Beastlords for help! To show their appreciation, Mechanicians used a part of the developed Selenium for producing a mixture which increases the vigour and shared it with the species that helped them to win.

In total there 328 Rocs and 252 Dragons were sent to help the Guilds.

Rocs have won the competiton and get +5 max energy for the next 7 days.

New Golems

The art contest has come to the deadline now and thanks to our players we have 13 new golems! You can find the recipes for crafting them on the islands.

You can see the list of new golems and their creators here.

The art contest is extended for 2 weeks for the missing golems. If you would like to participate, please post your entries in this thread.

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