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  • saberia12
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Posted at 2015-11-12 23:22:44 — Link

i have an idea for a new pet based off of the pheonix related to the roc and that would be the elemental pheonixes including the roc for the lighing element each of the four birds have a possible elemental ability: 

Fire: called the pheonix it gould have the ability to teleport passed 5 ostacles a day on the explore ie rocks.

water: The swan this bird has the water breath ability like the fire breath in dragons and could swim in to the sea to get lost treasure 

Electricity is already covered by the roc.

and the final element 

earth: this bird would be called the Terra pheonix it has the ablity if i comes in fo contact with fire to produce a randome gemstone i can fly or swim but is very valueable in its own right.

the new genes would be water gland, firey wings(to fly over things) and diamond wings(for the gemsone producing). 

what do you think? any additions? beastkeeper needs some more pets

May star clan be with you and may your pets breed well.


  • Monues
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Posted at 2015-11-14 19:18:11 — Link

Sorry to be a party pooper here, buuuuut...
(The first post on the page, by Angel)

Good news is, you can make a custom skin set of those!

A [Signiture Box] Left Text Layer 2 SalePerfects by RavensMournB [Signiture Box] Middle by RavensMournC [Signiture Box] Right by RavensMourn

  • saberia12
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Posted at 2015-11-16 16:03:53 — Link

What about the rest of the idea though?

May star clan be with you and may your pets breed well.


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Posted at 2015-11-16 20:18:05 — Link

i thinkt that this is a great idea saberia12

let your mind take to the sky and flurish.

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Posted at 2015-12-05 17:45:34 — Link

Me too



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