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Posted at 2015-12-24 03:31:21 — Link

So, the boards/forums are generally great. However, I play on a few different pet sites and I noticed something that Beastkeeper is lacking that would be very helpful and should be rather easy to implement, since it would only involve creating another forum category and adding two sections to it. It would be something like:


New Player Hall (category)

-- Newbie Giveaways (subforum 1)

-- Newbie Chat (subforum 2)


It would make things better organized for those of us who want to run giveaways and games only for new players, as a way to welcome them to the site and give them things, or run games that would be aimed at new players. These giveaways do not belong under the "Contests and Giveaways" board, because that board is for everyone to participate in equally, not just new players.

Newbie Chat would be a central place where they could seek advice from older players without having to weed through several different forum threads before finding the answer to their questions. They could discuss their breeding goals with each other, as well as experienced players. It would basically be like a board for people needing mentors.

I am not a new member complaining about not being able to find things. I am an older member making a suggestion because, for quite a while, I have wanted to host games and giveaways only for new members, but I have not done so, because of how the forums have been organized since I first joined. This is the one area that I do believe that Beastkeeper could definitely benefit from being like other sites by implementing a newbie hub of sorts on their forums.

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Posted at 2015-12-24 14:35:52 — Link

Adding my support, particularly for the giveaway subforum.

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Posted at 2015-12-25 05:24:28 — Link

I'm very glad that I'm not the only one who sees the sense in having this!

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Posted at 2015-12-25 16:19:53 — Link

This is pretty good, I have a newbie giveaway for GP's, and it would save me from having to check their profiles to make sure they aren't cheating..l


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Posted at 2015-12-27 04:30:41 — Link

The introduction forum could be moved there (or a version of it) as well for new players to introduce themselves in the newb enviorment. Or perhaps it could be a sticky in the chat part of the forum.

Though this would make new players easy to target for people who like to scam, so there should be some stickies about watching out for those types of scams and such. Friendly warnings about getting to know the worth of pets and items before doing any sales and trades.

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Posted at 2016-01-01 14:55:07 — Link

I agree completely about the introductions being moved there as well, or some form of it. And yes, stickies would be extremely helpful as well there, that way new players know what to do. It would be helpful to have everything new players need to know in one of the two forums, that way they don't have to hunt through the rest of the boards for basic information.

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