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Posted at 2016-01-04 17:54:23 — Link

So I was thinking of what new beasts we could possibly introduce and I suddenly thought of Nine Tailed Kitsune's, which are Japanese mythical animals.

I know they're a canine but we do have two beasts with canine in them. (Lykos, Symurgh)

Here's a quick drawing/lineart I drew of them (Don't mind my horrible art xD) 

Now if these have been suggested before, then tell me.


I don't think they'd be "Too simple?"










Jaws/Teeth: Sharp teeth, Blunt teeth, Weak jaws, Double incisors, Normal jaws, Muscial Larynx, Sunstrike. (Replaces bite and increases it's damage by 50%, opponents with elemental resistance have a 30% chance to resist Sunstrike.) (Note: It's light elemental.)

Sense Organs: Animal instinct, Poor Hearing, Normal senses, Deaf, Poor hearing, Acute eyesight.

Brain: Normal Wits, Smart, Wisdom, (Your pet is very wise, Intelligence is incresed by 30%.) Genalogist, Quickmind.

Paws: Agile Paws, Clumsy paws, Normal paws, Blunt claws, Sharp claws, Sly. (Your pet is very sneaky and can ambush an enemy, taking them by surprise and dealing 20% more damage.)  ((Unsure if this should be in brains or paws. )) Foxtrot. ( Increases critical strike chance by 15% )

Bones: Solid Bones, Fraglie bones, Light bones, Normal bones, Thin bones, Steel bones.

Muscles: Normal Muscles, Gracefulness, Steel Muscles, Dystrophy, Weak Muscles, Strong Muscles. 

Internal Organs: Normal organs, Faint-hearted, Regeneration.

Skin: Thick Skin, Thin Skin, Normal Skin, Sunlight. (Your pet is surrounded by a bright light, 30% chance to blind an enemy, Determined opponents can't be blinded.)

Colors: White, Golden, Diluted, Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Red,  Striped, Spotted.


If they were to have an element/power I'd think "Light"  or "Darkness" would be  cool, but unsure if this should be a thing.


How they'd be introduced.

I was thinking a quiz? They are very wise animals and you'd have to impress one for him/her to join you.


I'm open for suggestions!




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Posted at 2016-01-04 21:53:54 — Link

We already have a fox-like creature, the symurgh.But this is still an interesting creature!


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  • Thekittycatfan101
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Posted at 2016-01-05 03:15:48 — Link

True, but this would be like pure instead of a mix. ^^

  • Poltergeist
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Posted at 2016-01-06 00:06:32 — Link

no support, it's nothing really unique at all.

  • Monues
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Posted at 2016-01-06 06:53:48 — Link

We already have several canine like creatures, there is no need for more of them. If there is going to be any new species it should be something unique in appearence and genetics that we have nothing alike to. If a nine tailed fox was to be accepted it would need especially unique genes and appearance. Something more than an otherwise normal looking fox with extra tails.

If you want it for its looks (can't blame ya, it's pretty) you can draw a symurgh with folded wings (so they are less noticable) and nine tail feathers. Multiple tails are not allowed but a symurgh can have a rooster like tail, and those long feathers look like indivisual tails. Make sure to add in bird feet somewhere, or it won't be accepted.

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  • Thekittycatfan101
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Posted at 2016-01-06 16:41:12 — Link

Hmm, you are right. 

  • dangerousmind20
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Posted at 2016-11-07 18:57:04 — Link

still I would love a kitsune and I have another ability for it when sunstrike and sunlight are combined it produces the effect fox fire which hurts an opponent when they use a physical attack (stuff like acid spit would be safe for the user) Fox fire is a mythological ability that kitsune actually use. It could also be the first small pet every other pet is as large as a human or bigger.

Also another introduction is since kitsune are illusionists helping a 'begger' would earn one's service they are known to reward those who show them kindness or mercy

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