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  • SuperHappy
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Posted at 2015-12-08 16:43:53 — Link

I was hoping we could start a new sub forum- Support Center. There, people could talk about real life problems and others on the site will be there to support them. A mild example would be

Im sick

Im very sick and I've been sick with *sickness*. Any suggestions on what I could do?

And then people would help that person. And I know for a fact there are people battling things more serious than sickness. Of course, if someone felt the need, I suppose they could put that... Anyway, your thoughts?


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  • Lytala
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Posted at 2015-12-08 17:36:37 — Link

It's a nice idea but I don't support it because there's already a subforum for nonBK stuff and I don't think this needs a separate subforum.

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  • Monues
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Posted at 2015-12-08 22:02:15 — Link

I agree with what Lytala said. Also if someone really wanted/needed to talk about their problems in a forum setting there are forums made just for that instead of forums on a pet breeding game. This just doesnt seem like the proper setting for talking about life troubles.

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