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  • zee!
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Posted at 2015-09-21 06:27:36 — Link

I am constantly destroying golem schemes in my inventory, and I often find myself tediously wading through golem schemes when I visit different areas of the item exchange.

Unlike building blueprints or item schemes, I cannot stack my golem schemes to reduce the overall cost of golem construction.

To reintroduce value to the schemes for players who have passed the early stages of the game, I propose that for golem schemes only, each recipe should be single-use. If I place it into my Library, gather the appropriate materials, and then set out to craft the golem, the recipe should 'crumble' to dust on the confirmation screen. The flavor text and in-game context for the golem schemes could be generally reimagined to support and reinforce the fact that the schemes are one-time uses, only (e.g., it's some sort of fragile and forgotten magic technology; it's not possible to simply memorize how to craft a Vermillion Golem in the way you might memorize how to craft a Ruby Ring, etc.).

It would make the use of golems during site-wide events, like the currently running Kami Event, more mechanically meaningful. 

It would also make me feel more grateful to come across a golem scheme. Right now, they're pretty tedious. (Shells are likewise very annoying to find and it would be great if there were additional uses for them, e.g., convert stacks of them to wampum / dye / whatever... but that's a separate thread.)

  • Angel
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Posted at 2015-10-11 13:06:15 — Link

Just a side note, this is easy to introduce with a small condition: the very first golem of each type will require two schemes to craft, one to add recipe to library amd the second one for crafting itself. So if this suggestion gets enough support, we can implement it pretty quickly.

  • Sylviianel
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Posted at 2015-10-11 13:20:07 — Link

I don't support this suggestion but my reasoning behind it is because of what has already been made cannon in the game-world. The introduction of the Golems established where they originated from and how they were restored so that us beastlords could use them. It was a forgotten technology but we've already regained the knowledge of building them so why would it suddenly stop working?

I would, however, approve of this idea and give it my support if it were to be the harbinger of an event and given a reason as to why the blueprints are unstable. During the announcement post of the Golem change, for example, a small bit of story be included along with it that is later elaborated on in a larger event.

Example: An unidentifable surge of magical energy swept through the land of Europa. While the Warlocks have been unable to find the source they are determined to investigate the event. While no catastrophic disasters have been linked to it the Golems were effected by this pulse and the magic that sustains them has become unreliable. After each individual use the recipe becomes unstable and is no longer capable of being used in crafting - they are now only able to tolerate a single use before crumbling and a new one is then required.

Of course this is just an idea from me as to how it could be implemented and still stay true to the game's story so far and possibly build upon it. I personally would find it interesting if the above mentioned magical pulse was caused by a Golem Kami. The first time it visited Europa was back during the Old Empire and it helped inspire the creation of the original Golems. Now that is has returned us beastlords have the chance to convince it to stay, likely with the sacrifice of a lot of different materials and the construction of several/all of the existing Golems as part of the objectives. His special power would be the ability to sustain the Golem recipes so users who have him wouldn't have to continually use new recipes for the same Golem, or perhaps he would cut the crafting period by a certain amount of time.


Old Manuscripts

It is well-known that the majestic cities of the Old Empire were build with the help of Golems - the artificial creatures created from inanimate matter. Although the secret of creating the Golems was lost at the times of the Great Flood.

The Council of Mages discovered that the key to the animation of inanimate substance lies in the ancient manuscript which could escape destruction in the flood. The Council calls on all of the Beastlords to pass the found parts of the manuscript to the Municipal Scriptorium. When all of the parts will be collected, the Mages will be able to restore the principle of producing these industrious beings. Magicians promise to make a copy of the new Golem schemes as a reward for all Beastlords who will help by giving the manuscript parts to the Scriptorium.

The Golems are here

With the help of the Beastlords, the ancient manuscript was restored and the Magicians managed to construct and animate several Golems. The users who helped the Council have earned the unique achievement which is viewable in their profile and below avatar in the forum posts.

A Golem is an artificial being which multiplies the materials spent on its construction by 2. The Golems live 10 days providing 1/10 of their total material resource each day. To create a Golem, you need to find and learn its Scheme first. You can find the schemes for 4 Golems right now: Clay, Stone, Wood and Cotton.

  • Monues
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Posted at 2015-10-12 07:19:58 — Link

Why break something just to make its parts useful?

I woudnt break my house just because I have some spare beams and doors laying around.

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  • Sylviianel
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Posted at 2015-10-12 11:06:50 — Link

Oh wow...

I opened this door and walked through it, time to tear it down to put a new one in! And they said it was a dumb idea to buy doors in bulk just because they were on sale - hah, this'll show them!

  • Liandralithe
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Posted at 2015-10-13 02:40:47 — Link

Its true that the golem recipes are useless.... but so are pretty much every other scheme once you've got everything built.

One way to go about your idea and still stay true to the original storyline is have another golem design contest.

But these golems were not part of the Old Empire, the Council of Mages, after researching how the golems from the Old Empire were created, attempted to make NEW golem types by copying the old techniques with small tweaks. However, the mechanics were not fully understood and the new Golems are inherently unstable. It requires the use of a new recipe each time to construct a new golem with the new methods.

I do not have the gift of storytelling so maybe Sylviianel can make it sound good?

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  • Sumatra_Echo
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Posted at 2015-10-13 07:37:35 — Link

The thing is, this would make golem creation dependent on Explore, when it was previously independent (not counting having to find the first golem scheme, of course). So, only users who could devote the time and energy to locating more schemes could make more golems, although those who couldn't are the ones most in need of golems to begin with. It would create an imbalance in the ablity to gain materials, in my opinion. 

On the subject of golems and golem design contests, will we ever get golems for the materials that still don't have one, or is that not in the works?

  • Truffula
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Posted at 2016-08-23 03:21:06 — Link

Would it be possible to make recipes that don't need schemes, that allow you to turn a golem scheme into the item (maybe 1 day's worth of the golem's production?  So a Wood Golem scroll turns into 10 wood and an Amethyst Golem scroll turns into 5 Amethyst? 





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