Posted at 2017-01-03 10:54:49 — Link

(Moved from Item Sales.)
I've got a load of stuff I don't really use or need, and I'd like to trade some of it for things on Flight Rising, mainly treasure and gems. 
What I've got:
  • over 9,000,000 silver
  • 200 gold
  • tons of recipes and invites (no Battlefield-exclusive, though)
Also, here's a couple screenshots of my inventory so I don't have to list everything individually:
I'm less keen on trading my pets, but if you're interested in one of them, I might be able to breed something similar, just ask.
What I'm looking for, in order of preference:
  • treasure
  • gems
  • retired festival familiars and apparel (no bears, and nothing after Wavecrest 2015, because I have all those)
  • possibly user-made skins and accents
Items available in the Premium Shop will be worth their gold value (except invites; ask for individual prices for those). My conversion rate is 1 gold = 10 gems = 8,000 treasure. I also value 1 Beastkeeper silver as roughly equivalent to 5 Flight Rising treasure.
Post or PM if interested. I'm completely open to haggling.