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Posted at 2015-03-11 04:58:44 — Link

Don't know how useful this is, but it came to mind twice now so I will share this idea.

Spaying and castrating pets so they can not breed. There is no way to reverse it once it is done. The main reason I can think of this as useful is someone has their special line of pet that they did careful breeding of. They want to sell it, give it away, or something like that but they do not want their special pet to breed and muddle the line. So they sterilize it first.

The pet could benefit from this. With its mind now off of mating it could become more focused and level headed. Maybe a slight increase to the pets stats but not too much.

In real life this can be done even after breeding, so I think it should be the same here. There will be cost to do this. Maybe a tab under pets where it can be used on the active pet. An "are you sure" box will come up so no mistakes are made. Or an updrage to the laboratory. Not sure how it will be placed into the game.

What do ya all think?


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Posted at 2015-03-11 05:21:57 — Link

Well such an idea has already been proposed by Aelisk in the items suggestion sticky but I still like this idea.

Many of the older players have spent months, or even a year or so perfecting the genes in their pets, but the only way to profit from them would be to sell to other players... But if they do that, perfect pets would quickly become common and worthless and all that hardwork would become underappreciated.

Essentially what I am saying is... Support!

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Posted at 2015-03-11 06:27:38 — Link

Ooh, an item that does this would be easy to use. I like Aelisk's idea.

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Posted at 2015-03-11 08:38:25 — Link

Support support!! Definitely support!!

A thread for this is better - I think its an important enough topic that it needs it. It was getting pretty buried in the item suggestion forum, so I'm glad that it gets attention again. Thanks Moneus ^_^

Link to my item suggestion post. My reasonings + item description are already there.

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Posted at 2015-03-11 10:51:59 — Link

I support this idea as well, for the reasons mentioned.

If it's an item, I would prefer if it were easily obtainable (like bought from the state store obtainable). If it's implemented as a feature, maybe have it as a separate building and blueprint, such as a veterinary clinic, which consumes a small cost in silver (5k?) and takes time to perform the operation.

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Posted at 2015-03-12 00:12:37 — Link

I like this ^^ Yes, support. :) I've seen this in use in other games. 

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Posted at 2015-04-12 06:34:18 — Link

Guess what? IT'S OUT!

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