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  • Angel
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Posted at 2014-03-02 01:18:37 — Link

Don't miss the Spring Festival!

Town Council invites everyone to celebrate the season of Life and Rebirth and honor the beginning of spring by dressing your pets in the traditional festive outfits.

Until March 11th 23:59, collect crafting materials on islands and craft festive outfits for your Unicorns and Dragons!

Outfits work like normal custom skins but also provide your pets with nice constant bonus maximum energy +5. Your pet is proud of being chosen for the festival show and feels inspired and uplifted while wearing the festive outfit. Applying another custom skin over festive outfit will change the pet's skin and remove energy bonus.
Please note that outfits will display only your pet's color but not the pattern. Mutating your pet's color will relatively change its outfit too.

You can buy the sewing and crafting patterns in State Store or find them while exploring the islands.

All the unique resources required for sewing and crafting can be found on islands too. You will have to search for some rare ores and plants... and hunt for some sneaky hoppers to get the leather for the festive dragon armor.

 Festive outfits for Symurghs are available in the Premium Shop!

This year Spring Festival is going to be very special. Traditionally only two species were participating in show: Unicorns who master the ground, and Dragons who prevail in sky. This time the happy owners of Symurghs are preparing their pets too - these magnificent alien creatures perfectly adapted on Europa and became a new symbol of life and rebirth due to their unique abilities.

Along with Spring Festival start, we have several other updates!

  1. Reports are split into tabs: Battles, Trades and General.
  2. Battle wins and battle losses have different icons now.
  3. Inventory is split into tabs: Materials, Recipes, Invites, Quest Items, Other
  4. Blinding Attack, Petrifying Attack and Battle Cry now ignore all types of defenses including 2-point defense maneuvers. Also these attacks do not trigger Hold the Line when used by pets with GP3 and 20 tactic wins.
  5. New maneuvers: Tornado, Second Breath and Strafing Strike. Please check Tactics FAQ for detailed info on every maneuver.
  6. Watchman ability reduces the number of required movements to 3 instead of 4 to activate Theory of Chaos or Maneuvers.
  7. Drop from Beast Temple reduced to 1-2 items.
  8. Ruby and Amethyst images are revamped.

  • WitchWolf
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Posted at 2014-03-02 03:12:04 — Link

Looks very interesting, all this!

And the food is back on the Market! YIPEEEE! On which note, I am not entirely certain why are the prices upped from 1 silver to 2 silver. I don't particularely mind the increase but I am now wondering if the money substracted from the available cash when the food is out is also increased to match the new market prices?

Because if it isn't, than it would be beneficial to actually keep the pets fed by cash (if one unit of food costs us just 1 coin) instead of buying the food from the market (which now costs 3 coins per unit)?

Having the reports and hthe inventory sorted in tabs is really great! And especially changing the win/lose icons slightly - It makes things sooo much easier to track down now!

Thank you for these wonderful changes!


P.S. Now, if we could also get the tabs in the crafting section sometime in the future, that would also be great: tab for buildings, golems and misc crafting respectively...

  • Seelenblut
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Posted at 2014-03-02 03:18:46 — Link

I'm to tired to write something extensive at the moment, just want to say nice job, these festivals skins look great :3

Is that kangaroo thingy available too? it looks cute x3 - poor little thingy...


Anyway, happy ressource hunting @all <3




- Valar morghulis -

  • Peace123
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Posted at 2014-03-02 03:19:42 — Link

I was wondering the same exact thing, Witchwolf.

This seems like a cool festival! I was also wondering, will the warlock exchange event happen again? Because that was a good event, to make more people explore. And the items in the store were really useful!

"Most friends come and go. Some friends leave when your life gets too tough. And others come when your life is at it's best. But it's those friends who come in the middle of your life, and stay at both your highs and lows, that are the truest of friends."

Tori River

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Posted at 2014-03-02 03:41:13 — Link

Thank you very much for feedback! :) 

WitchWolf, prices for feeding pets are still the same. Otherwise we would post this here among balance updates too.

Seelenblut, hoppers are for hunting only. They are quite primitive and hardly tameable. Athough they could make a great farm animals, their skin and meat are of the highest quality.

Peace123, there will be different events in future, explore-oriented too. This one is actually explore-oriented as well though it has different prizes. But yes, Warlocks have a lot of nice items that they would like to test sell from time to time.

  • Seelenblut
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Posted at 2014-03-02 03:44:32 — Link

As farm pets huh? Interesting idea, I am sure my Cockatrice will have  lots of fun with them :D


- Valar morghulis -

  • WitchWolf
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Posted at 2014-03-02 03:57:51 — Link


If the price to feed the pets remains the same (1 coin) than... what would even be the point of buying the food from the market for 3 coins instead?

The way I see it now, the math goes like this: Every food golem produces 50 units of food daily. For anyone with more than 50 pets (and that means most players here), the food gts immediatelly eaten up while the rest is deduced from the cash on hand. So, with 4 available golems, that would boil down to 200 coins saved per day while the golems last.

(I did wonder why aren't there golems for all 6 food types, by the way)

Since 200 per day isn't really that much at all, I fear that both the golems and the food on the market will soon become redundant:

Say I have 150 pets hanging around. For ten days, without the golems I'd be spending 930 coins per day. With four golems, it would be 730 coins per day.  So, I'd be saving 2000 coins every ten days. It may seem like a decent sum that adds up but stretched across ten days period, it doesn't amount to anything significant really.

Overall, I think that the whole food thing and the accompanying market prices and golem availability/usefulness could do with more balancing and tweaking in the future.


All that aside, I, too, love that little 'roo up there! Almost makes me sad to have to kill it to get that skin. Almost... :P

  • Angel
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Posted at 2014-03-02 04:15:59 — Link

WitchWolf, unfortunately, farmers know nothing about how much Beastlords would like to spend fo feeding pets and how the state pet food provision works. And of course, they can't afford selling their first crops after the drought for such low price. They say that in the distant regions price still reaches up to 20 coins for a sack of wheat. Some people have nothing to eat themselves, not saying about feeding the pets. Probably the prices will drop when the barns will be full again... But not now.

  • WitchWolf
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Posted at 2014-03-02 04:19:06 — Link

Te-hee... I love that!

Mmmm... so perhaps it might be time to switch to 'roo meat diet for a while...

  • S.the.Unicorn
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Posted at 2014-03-02 04:31:24 — Link

I gotta say I LOVE the kangaroo thingy, or Hopper. XD 

Poor things though... I think my puma must've ate a few. >_>

  • WitchWolf
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Posted at 2014-03-02 04:38:39 — Link

A puma walking down the island looking all innocent-like, with a curious little tail end sticking out of its muzzle... :P


So, about these outfits. We craft them and than just... 'use' them on our pets? Or is there something additional involved here? Because the post says they 'work jsut like otehr custom skins' but I never even looked at those let alone used them so I'm a wee bit confused about the whole thing now.


  • Lokison
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Posted at 2014-03-02 06:30:06 — Link


1) We don't have to buy a rainbow jar to use the new outfits do we?

2) Also, can we make the outifts and then save them for after the event to use later on?

  • Amberfly
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Posted at 2014-03-02 07:45:21 — Link

Those outfits are gorgeous--can't wait to craft them for my pets. Too bad about the hoppers, though--I want one for a pet now.

  • NightbaneWolf
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Posted at 2014-03-02 08:37:39 — Link

Two questions:


1. Can you breed pets with the festival skin to get babies who will wear it?



2. can you post anymore videos of you drawing these art?




Psst hey, i'm hosting an art contest where you can win a Premium Membership from


  • Angel
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Posted at 2014-03-02 13:58:11 — Link


  1. No, outfits are not available through Rainbow Jar.
  2. Yes, thery will sit in your inventory until you decide to use or trade them.


  1. No, dresses and armor can't breed along with pets who wear them. As it was mentioned, Outfits work just like Rainbow Jars.
  2. No, I record only artworks made from scratch, and when it's not a quickpaint like hopper. I actually doubt that videos with slight pose edits and a couple of accesories can be of any use for other artists. The thing that can be really useful for this topic is a tutorial about accesory design but I'm a complete newbie myself here and first read and view a ton of info about horse protective and decorative tack before I was able to create these images.

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