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Posted at 2020-02-14 21:17:31 — Link

Guide to the Island Events 

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This guide elaborates on events that are taking place or took place on the islands. Here you can find information like what items are involved, how to obtain those items, and what to do with them, along with related monster interactions.

Newer and annual events will take priority.
Past one time only events (such as kami events) are not being included. 

Egg Hunt 
Annual Easter Event 

Happening every spring, this event sees beastkeepers explore the islands in search of eggs hidden by away hoppers. Their eggs hide with guardian monsters, and have about a 1/10th chance to drop when defeating one.

Colored eggs can be exchanged for many goods, including vermillion, leveling items, fish eggs, and even a Hopper Kami. The kami can only be purchased once per year, however. 

During the event, there is also a contest ranking who has collected the most eggs. The top 50 in the list will recieve a hopper free of cost, regardless if one was purchased from the warlocks already. 

To have eggs count, they must be spent in the warlock exchange station before the event end.


The Tundra
Annual Winter Event 

Tundra Icon by RavensMourn

During this event, a new dangerous biome becomes temporarily available. Mysterious portals on this biome allow advancement to ever more difficult levels. Many rewards and riches are obtainable during this time. 


Share The Love (Retired)
Febuary 2020's Valentine Event

During this event, beastkeeper's are tasked with collecting Rose Buds in exchange for valentine themed apparel. 

Rose Bud 
Rose Buds 
Can be obtained by defeating the Temple Guardian building, found in all biomes. The Jungle and Desert are especially good biomes to find this building.

The Lava Crystal of the Volcano biome does not reward roses.

The other way to gather Rose Buds is through completing quests. 
Gold quest: 3 Roses

Silver Quest: 2 Roses
Copper Quest: 1 Rose

Temple Guardians by RavensMourn

Temple Guardians
Gives you an option to fight a boss, that is within pet's level range, with Gp 1-3. Reward for win is silver and a random item. If your pet loses you will be forced to leave the island. Rewards for winning includes schemes, invites, current event items, premium shop items, and other such goodies.



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Posted at 2020-02-15 18:00:57 — Link

Tyhankyou! This is realy helpfull :)

Im FireAuraDragon, I changed my name for personal reasons :)

Slayer of the Auras and Queen of the Land of Phoenix My Discord Server :)

Also a Deviant and GP3 Breeder!

The Fire Market- Custom Deviant Breeding!

On To The Pet Shows!

The Current Show Is A Lykos Show!

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