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  • xIrish
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Posted at 2019-01-09 04:22:30 — Link

Hi, I don't think I saw this anywhere else, just wanted to bring it up...

When I am in the Explore tab, on an island, I am routinely able to locate the green portal to advance to the next level, but I am unable to use it. I have put my pet on the portal, but the portal link will just take me back home no matter what. In fact, the portal link will take me home even if I am nowhere near a portal.

I am using the Chrome browser and running Windows 7 on my computer.

  • Monues
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Posted at 2019-01-09 05:18:38 — Link

You need to make and have in your inventory portal energy cells, which are made from charged sticks. One cell is used for every portal. Both of the designs can be purchased in the normal shop, and the sticks can also be bought pre-built from there as well.

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