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  • Sumatra_Echo
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Posted at 2017-01-03 10:54:49 — Link

(Moved from Item Sales.)
I've got a load of stuff I don't really use or need, and I'd like to trade some of it for things on Flight Rising, mainly treasure and gems. 
What I've got:
  • over 9,000,000 silver
  • 200 gold
  • tons of recipes and invites (no Battlefield-exclusive, though)
Also, here's a couple screenshots of my inventory so I don't have to list everything individually:
I'm less keen on trading my pets, but if you're interested in one of them, I might be able to breed something similar, just ask.
What I'm looking for, in order of preference:
  • treasure
  • gems
  • retired festival familiars and apparel (no bears, and nothing after Wavecrest 2015, because I have all those)
  • possibly user-made skins and accents
Items available in the Premium Shop will be worth their gold value (except invites; ask for individual prices for those). My conversion rate is 1 gold = 10 gems = 8,000 treasure. I also value 1 Beastkeeper silver as roughly equivalent to 5 Flight Rising treasure.
Post or PM if interested. I'm completely open to haggling.


  • RawrzSkythrone
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Posted at 2017-01-26 23:35:21 — Link

WHOA! You have a 100% DCA? I need that DX

I used my last one up producing my Stormclaw/Sharptooth deviant twins.

RawrzSkythrone Here!

I'm doing a pet giveaway here:

1.      If you were in Star Wars, what color would your lightsaber blade be?


2.      If you could choose any name to rename yourself, what would it be?



3.      Which side would you choose? Light or Dark?

  • Sumatra_Echo
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Posted at 2017-01-27 03:46:24 — Link

Well, I don't anymore, just traded it yesterday. Thanks for reminding me to update the screenshots, though.


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