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  • gypsyvannerz
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Posted at 2018-02-20 12:31:22 — Link

*takes a sip of water and spits it out* What crime is this! No dilophosaurus! I must fix this...

Name: Xenon

Species: Dilophosaurus

Gender: Male

Description: A dark blue dilophosaurus with a pale stomach and orange accents in his frills with amber eyes.

Personality: Xenor is more the prankster of the group, spitting poison close to the others to scare them is his favorite hobby. He can be quite soft and offended easily, with an uncontrollable temper that follows.

Other: *shrug* I guess he's still sorta a dino teen???

So... Um... I'm not dead. Ehm.

  • Smams19
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Posted at 2020-06-09 21:03:57 — Link

Name: Leaf
Age: 8, or however old an adult oviraptor is
Gender: Female
Species: Oviraptor
Personiality: Leaf is usually calm, but will be vicious when she is hunting. She prefers to eat things like eggs or clams for meat, rather then fast moving dinosaurs. She will also ocasionally partake in some leaves from a bush. 
Apearence: Leaf has dark gray scales/feathers on her back, which fades into a greenish gray the closer it gets to its belly. Her head has a bit of bone bulidup (Look up oviraptor to know what I'm talking about). She aslo has a off white frill, and orange eyes.
Crush: None Yet
Mate: None Yet
Hatchlings: None Yet
Other: I know I didn't need to add age and stuff like that, but I still did.

  • Jolynn
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Posted at 2020-09-10 14:55:16 — Link

Name: lilly

Species: Triceratops

Gender: female

Description: Grey(stone),  with Old light grey legs

Personality: New born she will gain those alon the way if thats okay

Other: N/A)

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