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Posted at 2014-12-08 18:49:58 — Link

If pet links don't work, shoot me a message or post here. Tags in brackets such as [1]. [2] etc. mark the number of unwanted genes the pet has in its genetics, not counting its colors.

These pets are not for sale or for breeding. All started from wild blood, and nearly all have only bred with my own males. Eventually, my final goal is to hit each breed - I still got some ways to go.


Finally gathered enough dragons to make a decent genepool. I actually started this project before finishing up the Symurghs, so I'm focusing the genes of both groups at the same time. RIP my vermillion.

Fire Gland, Double incisors(Seed)
Acute Eye
Fearsome Look, Quickmind
Sharp Claws, Artisan(Seed), Agile paws (Seed)
Steel bones
Spitting muscle, Steel muscles(Seed)
Napalm Gland, Boiling blood
Robust Scales
Dilute, Spotted

Group: Python, Focusing genes

Update 5/19/16 - Got a couple of nice dragons today.

[2] Armada. Fire breath with napalm, Artisan dominant, Acute eye dominant, Fearsome look dominant. Recessive steel bones and robust scales. This one got most of my lower power genes, minus sharp claws. 

[1] Skate - Only one more gene to get rid of. 

Atlas - Finally first perfect dragon!!! And from [3] and [4] parents... A very lucky one. Steel muscles though, I'm aiming for more spitting muscles.

Update 5/14/16 - Ahh!!!! SPOTTED SILVER! Both parents were recessive for both the spotted and silver genes... Those genes are so rare in my pool right now. Super luck [3] Cobra.

Update 5/12/16 - Culled out the homozygous double incisors ones, there are too many double incisors genes polluting my better dragons. It'll probably give me a bad time for the next week or so. Also cut out [6]s and the worser [5]s from my pool, the genepool goes from [2] to [5] now. Sharp claws, Fearsome gaze, and Napalm gland are not as common as I'd like, I'm tuning the pool more towards them.

Update 5/11/16 - [4] Guile. Two silver recessive parents made a deviant silver child lolllll.

Update 5/3/16 - Yes!!! [3] Fate from two [5] parents. Also got the Sharp Claws recessive, I need this gene to spread more among my top dragons. Too many agile paws atm.

Update 5/2/16 - Finally lucky! [2] Fortune bred from a [5] and a [4]. Both parents passed the best genes they could. Such a relief, this is coming after a week of awful breedings. The majority of my dragons are still around the [5] level and this newest one will give my project a huge boost.

Update 4/27/16 - So far my lowest is one a [4] with terrible colors, the whole pool goes from [4] to [9], Acute eye steel bones and sharp claws are missing among my better dragons, and silver + spotted are not being passed. So... not looking pretty at all. I'm breeding out the ones with Acute eye and Steel bones to spread those genes, but the last couple days of offspring have been disappointing with those genes not being passed on. The pairings are good though, I'm just rolling the dice daily and waiting for them to produce something at least average or better.


Music larynx, Song of Peace(s), Double incisors(s)
Sense of Direction, Acute eye
Determined(s), Quickmind
Paws Memory, Sharp Claws (s), Agile Paws (s)
Salt of the Earth
Fertility (s), Steel Muscles

Group: Primavera - Focusing genes

Update 5/11/16 - [1] Prime. Wow! Almost the holy trinity of Musical larynx, Sense of Direction, and Determined. And Light Black too! 

Charity also popped out today, I think she might be the first symurgh I take up to level 50. Good battle genes, useful hidden genes, 3/4 color genes. I think she'll be helpful no matter the scenario.

Update 5/4/16 - Finally got another perfect, I think the dragons took my breeding luck for the last week. Minerva, she got Fertility! And missed both black genes, and sense, and determined... oh well.

Update 4/25/16 - First perfect! I'm not happy with the colors, or the the Song/Double Incisor jaws though. I'll be trying to tune the gene pool more towards Music/Music jaws, Sense/Sense senses, and Black/Albino colors from now on.

Eventually I'd like the majority of Symurghs to have the lowest possible gene powers, since it's much easier to introduce higher power genes than it is to go the other way around. So: Music jaws, Sense of Direction, Determined, Fertility, Black, Albinistic. This makes for a terrible battle skillset, so I'll also have a smaller group of Symurghs with Quickmind/Agilepaws, Acute eye, Steel Muscles. Keep around one or two symurghs with Song of Peace, Double incisors, Sharp Claws for easy reintroduction if I need it.

Update 4/19/16 - And then there was [1]...

Update 4/17/16 - !!! Another great breeding today, [2] Chill from [4] and [5] parents. Good colors and lineage, can make lots of matches in my pool.

Update 4/15/16 - One step closer. Got my first [2] from Venture and Keystone. Incredibly happy about this other [2] that popped out as well. Parents are two [5]s, with one passing perfectly. Was not expecting such a good result from them, talk about threading a needle...

Update 4/13/16 - Coming back after a year long break. Started focusing the genes of my symurghs about three or four weeks ago, using mostly wild and a few nice ones like so that I bred long back when the tactics map was first released. I ran into a few surprises with fertile parents flooding my small gene pool, making it difficult to make matches without inbreeding. It's been getting better, but many of my better symurghs are still related.

The group's range goes from [3] to [6] now, but nearly all the [3] and [4] are related. The lone unrelated one with a low number is [3] Keystone, improvement is stalled until she grows up and starts breeding with [3] Venture.

My first Light Black has finished growing up, [5] Verity.


Musical Larynx/Ice Breath
Acute Eyes
Sharp Claws/Agile
Steel Bones
Tireless Heart
Ice Aura/Ice Spikes
Merle, Dilute, Striped

Group: Fenrir - GP1, GP2, Mass training to 50

Species released: 12/26/14
First perfect: 2/16/15 - Pandora

Update 5/19/16 - GP3 with lowest gene powers completed! Meet Aether.

Update 5/2/16 - First Gp2 with all the lowest gene powers (Larynx and Aura): Base. The last time one of these popped up was back at Gp0, it was a horrid battler.

Update 4/22/16 - Perfect Gp3!!! Here she is: Storm.

Update 4/13/16 - It's been a long while. Coming back after a year break. Since I've been around, I've continued training these guys up to GP3, currently have a stable merle white population at GP1 and GP2. When they get to 50, Tear and Lift will make my first GP3 pups. Meanwhile, also started focusing Symurghs, which are at the [3] status at time of this update. Will make a section for them soon.

Update 3/7/15 - Yeeeahhhh!!! First perfect Merle Pearl Homozygous came out, such a beauty. Both parents were only Merle Pearl carriers, so I'm real happy this one hit both. With this, I'll be ready to bring my Fenrirs up to level 50 and start breeding GP soon. On to stage 2!

Update 2/26/15 - Got 7 perfect ones now... and all but one are female xD Still trying to get Merle/Pearl into the better gened pets, and making a little bit of progress...

Merle carrier - Histerrier, Maya
Pearl carrier - Pristine

Both Merle and Pearl carry - [1] Knight, [1] Reward, [1] Starlight

Both Merle and Pearl carry - [2] Chromantic

Post 2/16/15 - First Lykos perfection

Post 2/4/15 - Getting closer... Lucky breeding makes a [2].



Large Mantibles
Acute Eye
Nimble Legs/Agile paw
Steel Muscles
Normal Organs
Thick Skin/Elemental Resist

Group: Swarm - Complete

First perfect: 12/8/14

Update 4/13/16 - Back after a long break. Continued training up the Scout and Harvester morphs, and now have a new group of shiny level 50 GP3 Throdama Explorers. And it looks like twins with Pink Fish Eggs works with morphs now, I used some to boost up my Harvester numbers. I prefer exploring with Harvesters more for the extra vermillion. Scouts are for saving on portal cards. 

Also maxed a few workers to GP3, listing just a few of each type here:

Bases (Nimble/Ele resist) - Blade, Matrix, Claymore 

Nimble/Ele resist - Lance, Dual
Agile/Ele resist - Tian
Nimble/Thick skin - Orochi
Agile/Thick skin - Kaiser, Czar

These ones are homozygous in the trait I listed. Match a lead to a base to get specific offspring on demand. Cheers. 

Post 3/5 - Scout finished growing. My first morph! Super fun trying him out. That crit stack is powerful.

Update 3/2 - First GP3 grade 3 scout is born! Here he is. I tried to juke the system by birthing twins with Pink Fish Eggs... But too sad, only the first baby gets the scout pheramones, the twin is a normal worker :(

Update 2/26/15 - Throdamas are nearly GP3, most are Amethyst Lake. They have been split into three groups:

Base group - The largest group, with all the lowest power genes. That is...
Large Mantibles/Acute Eye/Quickmind/Nimble/Steel Muscles/Normal Organs/Elemental Resist.

Agile - Identical with base, except double Agile Paws instead of Nimble Legs.

Agile+Thick - Identical with base, except double Agile Paws, double Thick Skin.

Leveling these all up to 50, then the idea is to pair Agile with base mates, or Agile+Thick with base mates and make those hybrids into morphs. And... I'll be able to control exactly which genes my morphs will get.

Post 12/8/14 - First Throdama perfection

...Ah, so sweet. Amethyst lake!

and born right after from a different pairing. 

 [2F] Alexandria


Also, are the unbreedable throdama morphs able to use the desert fertility shrines to get breedable children? Pm me please if you know the answer. 


Update: For anyone interested, fertility shrines don't work for the unbreedable throdama morphs. This is what happens:

You encounter an egg-like large metallic structure surrounded by the ruins of temple that was obviously built by different architects than those who constructed the egg. Curious, you approach and touch the egg. A panel with words opens on the side of the egg: "Male, Throdama, infertile".


"We failed to detect a reproducible viable genetic sequence, sorry. Please contact Europa Diversity Genome program office if your believe that this is an error."



Acid Gland
Petrifying Gaze
Poisonous Claws
Steel Bones
Spitting Muscle

Group: Hydralisk - Complete

First perfect: 2/11/14 - Really old post

Update 4/27/2016 - Finally got a Bet Expert golden Hydralisk. Something I'd been working on as a side project. Genes are uncovered for battling purposes; It has Hydralisk genes, but with Bet Expert instead of Quickmind.

Named Sevens for gambling, also because it has a nicely rounded pet ID number. 



Steel Beak, Music Beak
Acute Eye
Massive Wings
Steel Bones
Steel Muscles
Electric Gland
Sharp Feather
White, Blue/Green
Dilute, Bicolor, Bird of Prey

Groups: Garuda: Wing, Garuda: Strike - Complete

First perfect: 7/31/13 - Really, really old post... Outdated too. 

Update 4/21/16: I'm considering phasing out all of the normal pattern genes in my Roc pool... It's the most boring of the pattern genes. Plus, the deviant breeding has given me a good stock of Rocs with Bicolor and Dilute.

I still only have one Dilute/Dilute, and it's not very exciting. It's a good starting point if I want to head towards Skyblue or Silver Rocs though. And I do like the Gray deviants... Very shiny. But the amount of stable space deviant breeding takes really really puts me off from it. Plus, because my Rocs are already perfected, most of my offspring are exactly the same. It's so boring compared to gene breeding.

Update 4/15/16: Deviant breeding really takes up a ton of stable space without giving back many results, so I've been treating this as a languishing side project rather than something to focus on. So far... Bicolor/Bicolor population looks good, Dilute/Dilute population is still stuck at Dilute/Normal carriers. I've mostly focused my Bicolor/Bicolor population into Lightning Strike Rocs and I've gotten a few white deviants already. Only a few days ago though... This popped out.

My first Bicolor deviant!



Update 2/26/15: Trying to introduce bicolor to eventually get a perfect Garuda: Strike white bicolor double deviant. But right now... Bico is the only one with Bicolor carry, and she doesn't seem to want to pass it to her children.


Rocs: Garuda: Wing and Strike
Cockatrices: Hydralisk
Throdamas: Swarm

Lykos: Fenrir
Symurghs: Primavera
Dragons: Python


Recent progress: Project Perfect

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Posted at 2015-02-27 03:45:38 — Link

Updated an old post, ended up overdoing it and turning it into a whole new post.

Now my current + future perfection project info will all be gathered here. I'm a bit sad that my older projects have almost no info... But hopefully that won't happen in the future.

Rocs: Garuda: Wing and Strike
Cockatrices: Hydralisk
Throdamas: Swarm

Lykos: Fenrir
Symurghs: Primavera
Dragons: Python


Recent progress: Project Perfect

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