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Posted at 2014-02-03 01:04:43 — Link

We're not implementing any new updates to BeastKeeper anymore. All our resources go to the development of BeastEon which is basically BeastKeeper v2 - a new virtual pet / world simulation browser game in the same setting. You can find more details on our Tumblr or in the dedicated forum section.

Thank you for sharing your ideas to improve BeastKeeper, we appreciate your input which made the game what it is now!


Below is a list the features and updates that were suggested multiple times but won't be accepted because of the game specifics. Please check this list in order to save your time and not to suggest a thing that will be refused anyways.

  1. Pound changes. Pound serves the purpose to provide random free pets and give a possibility to clear some place in stables. It’s not a place where a player can "shop" for good pets for free, and not a place to get free stock for SPSB and Pound itself to get additional Energy Cards and silver coins. There are auctions and breeding to get the pet that meets all of the player's demands.
  2. Pet overpopulation problem. We don't have such term here. Europa has enough resources and place for a lot more Beastlords and their pets. We are fine with as many pets as players want to breed.
  3. Free pet renaming. Pets get attached to their name. In real life, you can’t call a cat first day “Molly”, next day “GP2 Int100+ Berserker” and third day “Terrible Nightshade”. Your pet will just ignore all these words that don’t mean anything to it. Although you're welcome to suggest a system to track your breeding projects without multiple renaming.
  4. More colors without any concept and logic behind them. BeastKeeper is not a pet collecting game. New pet color is not just an additional image; every pet has a set of genes, and four of them are responsible for color. It's impossible to add more colors without rebuilding the whole genetics system. If you think that there should be more different pet colors, instead of suggesting the colors themselves you need to suggest a balanced and consistent system that will allow to integrate new colors to the existing diversity.
  5. New species by simply naming it. "Let's have a pegasus" or "I like manticores, please add them!" won't work. Of course, visual part plays a big role but images alone don't make a new species. Please suggest a full concept of a new creature including genetics, abilities, rarity, species specific mechanics etc.
  6. Balance altering features for premium users. Like shortened time of pregnancy, taming and childhood, free monthly power-ups etc. Premium users get nice interface and time-saving improvements for their contribution, but they won't have any balance advantages comparing to the players who do not have  the premium subscription. We're extremely grateful for your support that helps BeastKeeper to maintain the current needs and develop new features, but this game isn't a "pay-to-win".
  7. Reduced time for energy regeneration, pregnancy, taming etc. Current time cycles are adjusted to provide a fair balance for all types of players. Reducing the cycles will become a source of a drastic gap between players who spend a lot of time in the game and those who have only 20-30 minutes for game daily. Planning plays bigger role than grinding, and we want to leave it as it is.

Thank you for reading!

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Posted at 2015-05-23 13:30:01 — Link

Name: Phoenix 

Genetics: Hawk sight, Quick mind, Sharp claws, Strong muscle, Strong organs,             Light bone, Flaming skin, Large beak.

Abilities: Rebirth ( after it turns 500 it builds a nest of sweet spices to be reborn from it's burning ashes), Loud shriek ( deafens enemies during battle ), Healing tears ( it has a 25% chance of healing its energy points after losing a battle ).



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Posted at 2015-07-26 02:32:49 — Link

Item:breeding potion

Description: a purple coloured potion than can be given to a pet that can no longer breed to give it ten more available breedings.Does not work on nuetered pets.Can not be given to pets that can still breed just to lengthen the amount of breedings available.

Found In: Premium Shop

Price:50 gold

I Hope You Like My Idea!



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Posted at 2015-12-19 16:03:01 — Link

Please pretend I didn't post here. I'm going to start a new thread.




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Posted at 2016-01-06 03:24:43 — Link

Specific-gene researching

upgrade lab.

pay extra fifty (?) silver with regular price (own option for gene researching - "find specific gene")

select gene

know what you wanted to know!

Just your neighborhood genetics enthusiast.  Shoot me a message if you wanna chat or trade!

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Posted at 2017-03-06 05:36:32 — Link

What if you had a filter to get rid of players that haven't been on here in years? There's alot

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