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Posted at 2013-05-14 01:52:58 — Link

I put this in a thread here already, but I think this might be a more appropriate place for it. I did not know until just now after reading Angel's last post here that we do not have sub-forum functionality just yet, so would it be possible to create some new stickies in the Suggestions forum here until we do? One for Pending Suggestions (with a list of suggestions that have been accepted and are currently being worked upon to implement into the game), Accepted Suggestions (with a list of all suggestions that have been approved but are not currently being worked on), and Denied Suggestions (with a list of all denied suggestions and a concise but thorough reason for the denial to keep the same or similar suggestions from being suggested again and clogging the board). This will give everyone one place to look for suggestions that have already been made, as well as the official word on whether or not the suggestion has been approved/denied (not to mention it would make migration of these ideas/threads/what-have-you much easier if/when we ever do get sub-forum functionality and the Bugs & Suggestions boards are inevitably split due to sheer volume of posts if nothing else). If it would help, I can go back through and make a list of them all, but I obviously have little to no clue what is actually being considered and what is never going to happen lol.


Looking for Foundation Unicorns with no red stats.
Yes, I have a sale section. Take a look at my "Take Them Home" tab to see what I've currently got for sale. All pets, regardless of how many red stats, 1k minimum. All pets unresearched with no red stats 1.5K, +100 for each green stat (more for very rare stats). Fully researched 3.5k, +100 for each green stat (more for very rare stats). Prices above set minimums negotiable.
I have many, many suggestions, and I'd love your feedback on them! Click   HERE    to check them out, and please comment. Thanks! Current number of suggestions in the thread: 10.

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Posted at 2013-07-13 10:56:51 — Link

Board Name: Forum Games


Board Description: A nice time killer


Catagory: Community


We need a games forum:)


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Posted at 2013-07-14 02:48:30 — Link

Board name: ?

Board description: A place to list tutorials, guides, recipes, lists, etc.

Category: General

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Posted at 2013-08-19 04:56:43 — Link

Board name: Debates And Discussions

Board description: A place to have a respectful and productive debate or discussion.

Category: Off Topic

Nightingale says: She likes this idea!!!! :D

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Posted at 2014-12-31 05:58:30 — Link


Board name: Chat

Board description: Just chat with your friends about anything you want, BeastKeeper related or not.

Category: Comunity or Offtopic

 I am a huge Skyrim fan. I even have a roleplay thread for skyrim. Here is my persons picture.

Shes intelligent. Never really relaxed. To the point, Please join my Skyrim roleplay thread if you know and at least play and like this game!





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Posted at 2015-10-26 03:36:33 — Link

bord name: favorites and dislikes

bord description: share your favorite things and dislikes about BK

category: general chat

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