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Posted at 2020-03-04 01:33:34 — Link

Is unsure if this has been suggested before, discard if so

I'm sure I am not the only one who filters through titles, re-arrages things, only to find a good portion of the pets unable to have their title changed due to being sent away, in the reserve, or in the hands of someone who has been offline for years. 

What I am suggesting is an option when in the title edit screen to "Remove This Title From All Pets" which would, as it sounds, remove that title from every pet that is listed under it but retain the title's name and creation number. 

Or to a lesser extend, allow pets in the reserve to still have their titles altered.

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Posted at 2020-03-20 11:19:13 — Link

We have a modification for SPSB and sacrificed pets pending. Editing titles in the reserve and a possibility to revoke the title from all pets without deleting it are nice additions :) Adding to the task list, thank you!

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