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  • Nightswan
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Posted at 2021-02-26 23:03:06 — Link

My first background + foreground combo :)

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  • OneWingedEmo
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Posted at 2021-03-01 14:18:01 — Link

Oh wow!! So that's who the background was for! I love the combination!

Graduated from being an apprentice flying animal breeder! I have perfect breeding lines for all except pumas (looking for the female). My main passion is the white diluted roc (I have pages of them). Join my Roc Breeding Group! Special trades here: Roc Requests

Looking for:


- Mercenary License

- Rainbow Jars

- Crystalline Ice

- Deviants

- Vermillion

I trade with perfect double homozygous pets, deviants, apparel, backgrounds, potions, magic food, and silver!

Special thank you to those who have helped the newbie me: Sicy, Starblazer, Lorry14NightswanSerialkillerXO, Firehawk, RushingRiver, Canamdragon, MissAkito, Cute but Psycho, Foxxclaw, Sakreeno, LadyNesryn, Monues, Crazeybonez, arete, NightbaneWolf! 

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