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Posted at 2018-02-11 01:36:10 — Link

BK Arowroc BeastSuggestion by RavensMourn


The Arowroc 
"arrow - roc "


The Arowroc is a common sight in Europa during its enchanting mass mirgrations where they create a colossal funnel of wind to sail faster than any Dragon can fly. 

Many Europians watch this migration as it is believed seeing it is a good omen and will bring wealth and good luck. Up until now the private lives of the Arowroc has been largly unknown, as they surround themselves with wild and sharp winds whenever approached and will blast threats with such winds. When migrating, they even encase the funnel with winds that will shred flesh. 

Recently however one brave , or perhaps insane, explorer has captured specimens by netting weakened Arowrocs who fall from the funnel during the migration. He bred a special albatross roc to follow the funnel for solid months over oceans and scattered islands. In their weakened state the Arowrocs could not generate their winds, and were easy to wrap up and transport.

He has sucessfully bred several of the wild Arowrocs and now offers their captive but fiesty offspring to beastkeepers who prove themselves up to the challenge. 



The Arowroc is an arowana and owl hybrid based species. It specializes in blow as their main attack and is especially adept at dodging. It's element is the wind, air, and clouds, and as such can manipulate them. It is smaller than most of BK species, but it makes up for it in attitude and uncanny abilities. 

Arowroc Size Comparison by RavensMourn

Their ability to control winds come from the series of crests on their head, which each can move indivisually. Hench why those with small crests have poor air controlling abilities. An Arowroc has no special combo attack but instead relies on being hard to hit and confusing the opponet. Overall it fits several niches yet to be filled such as being a naturally finned beast, using blows, and being an air elemental (we currently have fire, acid, lightning, and ice specialists). 

Arowroc Genetics by RavensMourn


A [Signiture Box] Left Text Layer 2 SalePerfects by RavensMournB [Signiture Box] Middle by RavensMournC [Signiture Box] Right by RavensMourn

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Posted at 2018-02-20 04:35:27 — Link

Damn girl, detailed as ever alongside your beautiful art .Full support .It's time for a water critter. Would be even cooler if it could explore a water map... Would be neat to see guppy and lionfish markings and colors. :D

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Posted at 2018-04-05 02:07:33 — Link

Whoa, I could never write all that! But there's a reason for all of it, and it seems you've definitely said it all! I totally support this!

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Posted at 2021-09-29 01:26:57 — Link

I would love to see it in game !Full support.

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