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  • CrimsonFoxx
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Posted at 2016-05-29 23:42:02 — Link

My silver is gone. I had around 16,000. I logged out, logged back in and had 2000. I then sold a Symurgh named Pond for 11000, and now my exact balance is 13,889. I am positive I didn't buy anything because I'm saving for blueprints. 


  • Angel
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Posted at 2016-05-30 11:01:32 — Link

Here's the list of expenses, please make sure that none of them is taking your silver away:

  • Daily pet food (18 per pet if you don't have enough food in your inventory)
  • Genetics research (100 per gene)
  • Hiring catchers and sending them to expeditions
  • Placing bids on pet and item auctions
  • Buying pets and items through private offers
  • Accepting a breeding offer from another player's pet
  • Losing a battle with bid on Arena or in private challenge
  • Buying items from the Magic Shop on islands
  • Using Forest Alchemist, Dead Tree Altar, Copper Idols and Shaman Hut on islands
  • Training a pet. Please remember that silver is not refunded when you cancel the training session.
  • Crafting items and constructing buildings
  • Using custom skins with silver fee

  • Polpo
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Posted at 2018-02-13 02:24:17 — Link

I have the same glitch but it happend evry time i open my starters page.

  • J.A.Wolf
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Posted at 2018-05-26 20:57:48 — Link

I lost 1,000 and I just logged out 1 second ago by mistake.

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  • AngelDog
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Posted at 2018-11-02 20:31:12 — Link

I once had 20,000 more silver, and I bet it all on a unicorn. I ended up losing the bid, but it still took my money!!! So aggervating to me! I could've had 50,000 silver right now!

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