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  • Sylviianel
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Posted at 2016-02-25 08:28:48 — Link

Nightingale has been downright inconsiderate lately and negligent to our relationship, forgetting our one-year anniversary and even ruining Valentine's day... what is it even supposed to mean, the roses aren't "meant to be romantic or anything"?! Supposedly doing things together can help mend broken bonds and bring people back together, so here is our little project. Come back to me, Nightingale! D:

Alas, with BeastKeeper not receiving any new updates, Allure and Grace will never be.... I still love the idea though!

Original Idea Pitched by Sylvii:

First we got Amor, and then his mate Dita, so next year it would make sense if we were to help them make preparations for a child.
Expanding on that...
The idea soon turned into the couple having twins, called Allure (male) and Grace (female). Perhaps other names will be chosen in the future if the idea gets used in-game to fit better with what the other Kami are called.


Allure is to take after his mother, being a charming, rather flirtatious, individual.
This is taking after the definition of the word 'allure' meaning 'to attract or charm.'

Grace takes after her father, embodying kindness and a good natured heart.
This is taking after the definition of the word 'grace' meaning 'favor or goodwill.'

Appearance wise, the children will be hippogriffs like their parents. Their horse rears will be plain white, like that of both Amor and Dita, with different birds for their heads.
Allure = Peacock
Grace = Hummingbird
Given that these are Kami we are taking the liberty of assuming that their youth is different than that of other beasts. Allure and Grace are to appear as adolescents rather than babies.

Nightingale's thoughts on a possible design: "Allure could have a long flowing mane, lots of flowers. Very lithe and dainty. Maybe a deep magenta or violet.

Grace could have kinder features, large eyes, pleasing pastel colors and maybe ribbons."

Objectives for their Event:

Of course a good Kami event wouldn't be complete without rage-inducing objectives that make us want to nuke the server with every high-grade weapon in existence and burn our own eyes with bleach to remove the image of the islands that has burned into them from the infernal exploration grinding.
In all fairness Amor and Dita's events were by far some of the easiest ones to complete. Allure and Grace's, well, it's planned to be a little harder. There are two of them after all and they would supposedly wrap up the "love arc" of this happy family. Perhaps we may see one of these lovebirds (hah, get it?) bring home a date at some point but, being realistic, Allure and Grace might not even become a reality.

Here are the various objectives we (but really just I) came up with along with short descriptions (written by me) to explain how each applies to this scenario.

Bundles of Joy
Twins! Amor and Dita are overjoyed with their lovely little boy and girl. Parenting can be hard work though and so they have asked the beastlords to help them prepare a proper nursery. Since they are twins, everything must be equal (they'll know if it's balanced unfairly).

Craft Rose Petal Bed [2]
Craft Heart-Shaped Pillow [2]
Craft Teddy Bear [2]

A Day of Romance
It is still Valentine's Day after all and love is in the air. Even with the arrival of their bundles of joy Amor and Dita can still enjoy a romantic dinner.

Bring 12 White Roses
Bring 12 Red Roses
Bring 12 Pink Roses
Bring 1000 Animal Fats
Bring 1000 Animal Proteins
Bring 1000 Animal Carbs
Bring 1000 Plant Fats
Bring 1000 Plant Proteins
Bring 1000 Plant Carbs
Craft Fragrant Wine [3?]

Love is all Around! Don't forget about your own pets on this special day.
This is keeping to the theme of us arranging breedings for our own pets each year for Valentine's Day.

Organize dates for your male pets  [5?]
Organize dates for your female pets [5?]
Set up a Blind Date: use the Europa Diversity Genome program
Potential Playmates: give birth to 3? babies

The Children are Throwing a Tantrum!
While they may appear more matured, Allure and Grace are still children, and kids will be kids. It seems something has upset Allure and Grace and now the pair are throwing a raging fit. Help the new parents to settle down their children.

Challenge Allure on Arena and win
Challenge Grace on Arena and win

Note: Nightingale had the idea that fighting children may be wrong... I don't know why she'd think that. Perhaps there could be an alternative to battling them? I was against this due to fighting the Kami always being the last objective in these events. An alternative suggestion Nightingale made was that a pet, possibly with high constitution or other stats, could help calm them.

Crafting Recipes:

While I came up with the craftables Nightingale decided to finally contribute something was the one who planned the actual recipe requirements. Some alterations were made for balancing that we agreed on.

Craft Rose Petal Bed
50 White Roses
50 Red Roses
50 Pink Roses
75 cotton
10 Red Pigment (bringin' 'em back)

Craft Heart-Shaped Pillow
150 cotton
10 Red Pigment
5 Red Ribbons (found in chest)

Craft Teddy Bear
150 Cotton
10 Soft Fur (from Hoppers - added by Sylvii)
2 Black Pearls (for eyes)
1 Red Pearl (for nose)
1 Red Ribbon (found in chest)

Note: If the Tundra is open Wool can be used instead of Soft Fur.

Fragrant Wine (recipe based on Autumn Wine)
10 Red Grapes
10 Hops
20 Quartz
1 Wine Essence


We have yet to go over possible genes but that will be addressed soon enough.

  • Sumatra_Echo
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Posted at 2016-02-25 10:57:23 — Link

Not to sound rude, but I'm not certain the Suggestions board is the place for a private thread. (In fact, private threads in general seem superfluous since you can just as easily communicate via PMs, Skype, shared Google docs, and such.) You want feedback, but you don't want anyone else to post? How is anyone supposed to say, "I like this element, but not this", etc.?

Either Nightingale or Angel is free to delete this post if desired and explain their rationale for doing so.

  • Nightingale
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Posted at 2016-02-25 18:08:16 — Link

This is an okay place. We have been emailing/skyping (which I can't in good faith do from work) and wanted an area to share images as we do want to have feedback (In all honesty, they may become gryphon custom skins). We'd welcome ideas/feedback but this is mostly a continuation of our private messages (which do not work so well on my mobile device… my laptop hates me right now). We wanted to show the progression of our ideas and how it arose. This will be open to the public shortly at any rate!

We have private roleplay threads on forums. While private suggestions thread does seem like something that could be kept more private until public use, this is our current best method of communication as I can take it with me between work, mobile devices and home. 

That being said, if this ends up being "cluttery" I may move it to the "Chat" boards if it feels more appropriate. I'd be happy to do so if people feel that this is not the space. To be fully honest with you, I felt 50/50 where we could place this. I would be open to moving this if people feel it is needed.


Anyway… to the art portion (what I’m here for!)

I’m thinking I’ll start with horse bases, add bird forelegs, beak, and feathered wings and tail. I’ll work up a few sketches.


P.S. I do not condone battling children on the arena. That is abusive :P 

Always looking for Expand Stable Scrolls

  Chan eil aon chànan gu leòr

  • Sylviianel
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Posted at 2016-12-30 06:58:36 — Link

Oh ho ho. Someone tried to be sneaky, but I see that Amnaa has brought one of our children to life. Amnaa, you did such a great job <3 I didn't even realize anyone remembered the idea that was Allure and Grace.

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