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Posted at 2018-12-18 16:44:05 — Link


Gray tom with orange eyes.


24 moons

brave,noble,and not social

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Posted at 2019-06-03 01:55:45 — Link

Stormfire's a great name, fitting for the pelt colour and eye colour. The age is okay and the personality might fit. Great OC!

Smokeweed ._. (JK)



I, Lynxfur was a RiverClan + WindClan kit. I was made fun of for my background when I was a RiverClan apprentice, so I escaped to WindClan. At WindClan, my background was ignored most of the time. Now, I'm a full-grown warrior. I'm a grey warrior with slightly darker grey roses on my pelt. I have a scar on my right shoulder and a nick in my left ear. I am currently 23 moons. I don't care about my background currently and I usually keep my mind off of it by watching the night stars of Silverpelt. I refuse to remember everything of my past in RiverClan, even though I cry eternally inside. Well, that's the bio of my life!

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Hunting, stalking, prowling
Wolves, cats ... Mice, deer
Grazing, listening, watching
Victim, alert



A Cancer (June 27)


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Posted at 2019-06-26 00:01:27 — Link

Lynxfur is a creative name, and I like how their character has a creative, but realistic, backstory. I think that it would be interesting to add how their character got their scars. Was it from a past battle? Bullies from RiverClan who attacked them out of spite? I think that it would be interesting to know!


My character's name is Sunscar. She is a yellow cat with scars covering her body and a chunk taken off her right ear. These scars serve as a constant reminder of the fox that attacked ThunderClan's nursery 17 moons ago. She was the only surviving kit out of the accident, though just barely, thanks to the help of the Clan's medicine cat, Leopardpelt. Sunscar is a very caring cat, willing to help other cats around the Clan, as long as no fighting is involved. Due to her incident, she has a paralyzing fear of foxes, and finds it hard to battle. Because of this, she likes to help Leopardpelt the most, espectialy during times of battle.

Thanks for reading!

She/her, don't insult crocs around me.

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Posted at 2020-01-26 06:55:14 — Link


Orange she cat with amber eyes and a white flick on her chest that looks like a hawk

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Posted at 2020-03-06 06:10:34 — Link


Liliac/ Lavender with amber eyes, constantly sleeping (lucky cat) 


  • LadyNesryn
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Posted at 2020-03-09 01:31:06 — Link


Black she-cat with pale blue eyes. She is blind but she is gifted with echolocation and amazing agility. She is clever and she acts tough, but she can also be very kind. She is very wild and loves running. She has no friends or family and she is a lone cat.

"In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees are contorted, twisted in wierd ways and still they are beautiful"

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