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  • MirrorShard
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Posted at 2016-04-05 08:05:22 — Link

I would like this one here, if he is still available?

  • Jadedragons@cool
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Posted at 2016-06-25 20:21:48 — Link

i started awhile ago, but after 4 days it gave my computer a virus, and i started back up again yesterday. is it possible that i could have a pet?


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Posted at 2016-10-21 09:52:28 — Link

could i have this one?

i just joined a few days ago ^^

"But loyalty isn't rooted in friendship. It's much stronger than that. It comes from being born and raised under the same sky, from walking the same path as our ancestors, and from sharing the warrior code. With this life I commit you to upholding the warrior code, whatever challenges you might face. This is the wisdom of our ancestors, all our traditions distilled. Trust the code to lead you along the right path."

- Erin Hunter, Tallstar's Revenge


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- Erin Hunter, Into The Wild

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