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  • Imitatia
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Posted at 2015-02-15 19:34:59 — Link

Just today, I was looking at some topics in the wanted and pet sale forums advertising breeding offers. That got me thinking, what forum do these really belong in? They aren't pets, theyre breedings, and some of them are looking for breeding offers but others are offering them. So I thought, why don't we have a breeding trades forum?


Hey everyone!

  • Nightingale
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Posted at 2015-02-15 20:31:28 — Link

I like this idea :) Especially for events like this. The closest thing we have is "groups" for breeding groups. but not individual stud offers. 

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Posted at 2015-02-15 23:42:27 — Link

Great idea (and easy to make it live, so I love it even more :)). I added the new forum section, hope it will help to reduce the cluttering.

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