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  • cafenuit
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Posted at 2015-01-29 00:18:57 — Link

Golems literally do not do anything besides waste time. They cost half of what they reap, so therefore you're simply left with what you started with! What is even the point of them?! Make them actually produce the item they make with benefits. 

  • daisy2944
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Posted at 2015-01-29 01:55:05 — Link

They pretty much make your materials grow! Lets say you have a wood one.  You give it 50 wood, your pet crafts it.  Each day for 10 days it gives you 10 wood.  So If you have 50 wood in your inventory now you have a 150.  Now thats a cheap material, so if  you have a vermillion one you can pretty much start having stashes of it.  Hops even better cuz after a while you dont need hops, you sell them for lots of money. XD So they do have use.  And different ones live for different amounts of time and give you different amounts of things, but like I said from pretty much nothing in your inventory to about everything!

  • Nightingale
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Posted at 2015-01-29 02:11:00 — Link

I'm going to disagree with you. Golems are wonderful, as Daisy said. They essentially double the initial input of resources over a period of time. To be honest I love to have a golem going, especially a vermillion one because it is such a rare material that I use a lot of. Yes it is a process that is drawn out. But that is the price you pay for getting items- so really it is a good trade off. 

As I said in my last post you have been playing the site for just over two days. Two days is not even enough days to reap the initial input from your golem. When you just start out materials are supposed to be hard to come by. There is a balance between hard an easy that makes the game fun and interesting enough to call you back. Otherwise it would be too easy and there would be no challenges. Angel carefully constructed these things to meet game balance requirements. If you have an issue please provide a specific suggestion, how it would be implimented, and both potentially positive and negative effects. Angel would be happy to review something like that. 

 We love suggestions from users and Angel does review them. Giving deeper analytics to your suggestion gives it some more weight for consideration :)

To add onto your suggestion I think it would be neat to have levels of golems. You could put a greater number of materials in at each level, and the output would be greater (relative to the input of course). I wouldn't mind putting up more materials at once and wait for even more back. Especially if I know I want to build, but don't need it in a hurry.


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  • P@tt!317
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Posted at 2018-10-01 04:48:01 — Link

I know this is an old thread, but as a relatively new player, I don't have a problem with the golems per se (I have 13 going right now lol), but I would like to see quartz, granite and maybe marble golems.  If these suggestions have already been made please pardon my newness to this game.  By the way, I must tell you that I LOVE this game, and I don't play online games.   Thank-you so much for your creativity, ingenuity, hard work and effort in getting this game online!   P@tt!317

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