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  • Timain
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Posted at 2014-08-03 10:28:39 — Link

With the coming of the Deviant colours there are now MANY more colours available. While I avsolutely love this, it makes it even harder for people whose goal is to have all colours - like me.

So, my goal has always been to have all colours of all species in the reserve. And most likely more people will have this goal since it's by now pretty much impossible to have room for all of them (how many stable expansions would you even have to buy to have enough room?? And that's without the other species, which deviants will most likely be added at a later time too!). But especially now with especially rare pets like the double deviants, I would hate to send them to the reserve, knowing nobody but me would ever see them. It would be nice if I could show off all I've accomplished to others too!

I'm thinking, since not everyone uses the reserve in such a way, this should be an option you can enable in the My Account page. If you check the checkmark, there would be a link on your profile that people could follow to your Reserve. 

  • Lytala
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Posted at 2014-08-03 15:47:18 — Link

I like this idea!

Breeder of trash deviants

  • Shizune0715
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Posted at 2014-08-04 09:48:30 — Link

Same here. I have yet to retire any pets but I like the idea of being able to see pets that have been retired especially since I like to breed out my pets and I don't want to send the parents to the reserve just yet because it would become difficult to trace lineages.

I believe some of my pets have parents moved to the reserve but I cannot check their parentage without a subscription. This makes it hard for those who are looking to avoid degen or those who do gen=gp breeding like me.

Unstable internet connection for Christmas. Please pardon my delayed responses.

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