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Posted at 2013-03-26 20:22:01 — Link

Quinoa nodded. "Yup. Somebody decided that cats like to stay up early..." She squealed as Cet's paws landed on her shoulders. Wings spread, he decended onto the rooftop.

" Well, it's not early anymore! I'm on second watch, you folks can head in for breakfast."

Gracie and Quinoa slunk down the trellis, with it's long-dead vines and ivy. It rattled alarmingly, under such little weight. The trellis appeared to ripple as Gracie changed her coat to match the pattern of peeling paint and brown twists of vines. She'd impersonated worse. Quinoa jumped the last few feet down, almost landing on a startled mouse. She chased it halfheartedly, but gave up. There  was better food inside. Once inside the house, they made their way to the old dining room, with it's peeling paint and dusty chandeliers.

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Posted at 2013-03-27 05:07:22 — Link

Jackal looked at Cet and slowly shook his head. "It was quiet...Too quiet if ya ask me. Be careful. I'm not likin' the looks of this." With that said, he jumped off the roof, landing on his feet. It may have been foolish, but Jackal had dealt with worst falls than that. Shaking out his fur, he headed inside to gain some much needed grub. Watching nothing can make one hungry afterall.

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Posted at 2013-03-27 19:55:26 — Link

Parting the tall grasses breifly Roshan saw the others, obviously elementlists heading inside. She could clearly smell the food cooking, and the smell was making her stomach grumble loud enough for Aatos to prick his ears.


As a mouse scurried past Roshans feet she flicked her wrists lifting the mouse up in the air. "I guess its going to be mouse for breakfast again" Roshan said quietly to herself.


Stalking off silently, Aatos went to find himself something worth eating.

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