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  • Stinkey
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Posted at 2016-03-12 23:31:56 — Link

Does anyone like the movies Harry Potter? If so please tell me so. Tell me who you would like to be in the movie, what house, patronous, wand type, and pet ( details about it too)

You can be in a club that me and one of my friends has. I am Stinkey, that is my dog's nickname. Tell me all the info I need to become friends with you if you want to join.


  • nertdm
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Posted at 2016-03-13 18:52:09 — Link

This guy:

^^ my first ever Lykos as well as my only pet so far higher then lvl 4 he not only has one green star but he has 53 coverings i'm not sure about you but to me that's a lot! As i slowly gather more Vermillion all of it's going to find out all of his genes as well as a lot of my money!

anywho my second favorite is my first ever pet

my girl Puma:

Once she's done having her baby i'm going to battle her A LOT

"We humans are cold and heartless, every last one of us, from the successful business man to the tree hugging hippie we're heartless we say we're doing good when really we're not I once went to a Costco and what did i see? a HUGE amount of bottled water several yards deep the packages reaching my shoulder, and i'm tall for my age, just sitting there waiting for us americans to come and buy it, and it would probably be sitting there for weeks, when in a third world country, it would have been gone, in seconds, the amount of plastic that went into it is simply ridiculous. Us Americans making more then we need, then where does the left over's go? The trash. When it could be used to feed several third world country's. COuld be used to save some homeless children's life. In America we die of to much food, in less fortunate places they die of to little. Us humans how stupid, and selfish, and vulgar are we. Us Americans, idiots, no matter how much schooling we have. We're all so... stupid." 'We're all so stupid.' by N~

  • autobotgirl97
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Posted at 2016-03-20 20:03:47 — Link

Just pick this guy up from the pound and he does great in battle

  • 2902709
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Posted at 2016-12-23 18:35:20 — Link

very proud of

"I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. 
Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free."

  • yellowfang777
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Posted at 2016-12-26 20:06:14 — Link

very proud of all of these



  • Tigerstorm0926
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Posted at 2020-05-19 21:43:54 — Link

My very first deviant!

  • Arya Svit-Kona
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Posted at 2021-08-20 00:36:31 — Link

My favorite pet, because she has awesome stats, cool skin, strong genetics, and mostly because she is the best I have ever bred.

"Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds,"  -Proverbs 27:23

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