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Posted at 2013-09-21 18:25:37 — Link

 Image credit: Keith Spangle, Ship's Cat

Probably most of you have heard about Mars One - the project of flight to Mars and building a colony there. But there's a more exotic and even ambitious project called Objective Europa.

This is a crowd-researched project to launch a one-way journey to Jupiter's moon Europa. It's not known yet if some kind of settlement there is planned. Europa is covered with ice that can be a basis for the extraterrestrial life. The flight will take about 600 days. This is how the history of the BeastKeeper world may have started once.

The project is in a theoretical phase right now. You can join and help the mankind to make first steps towards exploring Europa. You don't have to be a rocket engineer or astronaut; the project team is looking for volunteers for social media control, site maintenance etc.

Join Objective Europa Phase I

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Posted at 2015-08-09 09:42:00 — Link

I find that very intresting!

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Posted at 2015-08-26 23:25:08 — Link

This recently came up on my Facebook newsfeed (thought it sounded familiar!)... Very neat. Seems like the project is still alive and well!!

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Posted at 2016-07-22 23:27:44 — Link



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