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  • Erislyn
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Posted at 2013-03-15 10:19:58 — Link

In order to keep this suggestion board clean, I am going to sticky this post so that members may suggest guide that the community in general would find useful.
I have noticed while playing that certain features need a bit more explaining, and I'm sure there are others that need directions and How-To's. As the newly appointed writer, I find that this is something I feel I should be doing to assist my fellow staff. For those of you who have had questions, or need questions answered you can direct them to the Help forum.

This section is purely for guides.
You can also suggest already existing guides to be updated or clarified. I will read through the suggestions, select those that I agree with, run them by the rest of the staff, and add the accepted guides to the progress list.

Please fill the following form completely or your suggestion will be overlooked.

Suggested Guide:
Why it is needed:
How it will help the community:
Specific Information to cover:


Guides In-Progress



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  • DragonSage
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Posted at 2013-03-18 23:28:36 — Link

Suggested Guide: Degeneration and Genetic Power
Why it is needed: Both of these factors play a veryimportant part in the game, especially when it comes to what effects they have
How it will help the community:  I know this is covered in the FAQ, but it seems to come up as a question fairly often, so having an expanded guide on it might help clear up some confusion or make it easier for people who are confused to find
Specific Information to cover: Their purpose and benefits/penalties associated with the,, the info from FAQ, alternative terms for each (IE Genetic Power and Decendent of Heros are one and the same) ect.

  • Mouse
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Posted at 2013-03-22 22:56:15 — Link

Suggested Guide: Breeding and Genetics Guide
Why it is needed:  While you learn how to breed in the tutorial, this guide will help you find a match to increase your pet's strengths.
How it will help the community:  Stronger babies! Better battles! Less confusion about why so-and-so has such bad genes, when the parents were so good!
Specific Information to cover: Explain what the various Gene Powers are and do. It should also explain the system of getting genes from different parents and give tips on how to find good matches.

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  • Erislyn
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Posted at 2013-03-29 21:02:18 — Link

I feel as if these two things are covered fully in the FAQ and genetic explaination areas and so do not need to be expanded on until there is an expanded idea of why they are needed.

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  • MollyOKami
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Posted at 2013-05-27 04:13:04 — Link

This recommendation isn't really for a particular guide, but it's more of a suggestion about the "List of Recipes" guide.  Could you re-arrange the list and categories the recipes into categories like: "Buildings," "Golems," and "Other Items."

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  • Kisara
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Posted at 2013-07-14 02:30:52 — Link

I do like making lists! Those are fun... I  have actually created a color list on my free time with others who joined in!

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  • CockatriceMaster
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Posted at 2013-10-07 23:45:05 — Link

Suggested Guide: Effects of Different Visitors
Why it is needed:  An at-a-glance view of all visitors and their effects.
How it will help the community:  <see above>
Specific Information to cover:  The effect of all available visitors to inns.

  • Mystrea
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Posted at 2014-06-17 14:27:30 — Link

I went through the tutorial, but could I suggest a "Beginner's Guide"?

Suggested Guide: Beginner's Guide
Why it is needed:  To refresh those who have been through the tutorial but perhaps don't understand some of the concepts such as future buildings, etc. It's difficult to know what to spend your money on or how to plan battle strategies after just one quick lesson. For myself, I'm still clueless on how to have my level 1 pet battle a level 7 that blocks access to everything but the portal. It seems like it's just "rock, paper, scissors"
How it will help the community:  Newcomers won't get as frustrated and will return more often.
Specific Information to cover: Beginner topics such as how the battles work, what the items you discover on the islands are used for. What recipies and golems are for and how they work. Best strategies for spending your money at the outset

  • Loki110
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Posted at 2014-07-12 03:49:33 — Link

Suggested Guide: habitats
Why it is needed:  It would help to explore more goal-oriented
How it will help the community: people could choose a habitat to explore depending on what they are searching for more effectively
Specific Information to cover: which materials and buildings can be found in which habitat, and in case of the buildings what they do. Mayby you could even include the chance to find a certain raw material in the habitat

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