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Posted at 2023-08-20 16:48:26 — Link

Hello! All pets in the giveaway are in my ungrouped.


1. Only two a day.

2. Only the pets in my ungrouped are in the giveaway.

3. First come first serve!

4. Please be nice to everyone.

5. I would prefer you post here and not message. I tend to lose player's messages in my inbox.

6. This isn't really a rule, but if you plan on being inactive, please don't participate. I would like these babies to go to a loving acitve users cave.




Check out my giveaways!!


Reg Giveaway:


If you have any pets that you want to have a safe and kind home, send them to me and they'll be put in my giveaway for players who are looking to give pets some love!

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Posted at 2023-10-19 01:11:09 — Link

It doesn't work.

A little pain never hurt the insane.

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