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Posted at 2022-02-14 22:23:25 — Link

Hi I don't think the half snake/half cat creatures (tatzelwurms, I think) are ever dropping whiskers, which makes at least one of the tack workshop items uncraftable. Myself and my friends have tried really hard in the jungle to get one and we haven't been able to find one of them. I definitely haven't seen one in my game play.

  • Angel
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Posted at 2022-02-15 12:13:29 — Link

Thank you for reporting!

That's weird, they should be dropping their whiskers. It was set as a quest item and should have appeared in the Quest inventory tab because of that, but that shouldn't prevent it from dropping since we have other quest items dropping as expected. I just reassigned it as a regular material. Maybe the probability is too low. I raised it to make this material a lot more common. I'm testing it in the live environment myself right now, will confirm when I see it dropping with my own eyes.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Posted at 2022-02-15 12:15:42 — Link

Tatzelwurm whiskers have started dropping for me today. Two off about seven islands.

Thanks, Angel!

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Posted at 2022-02-15 14:36:45 — Link

Confirming that Tatzelwurm Whiskers are dropping now. Sorry once more!

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