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  • Wisteria
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Posted at 2021-12-30 17:20:28 — Link

Hi. I am always breeding toward certain goals, which leaves me with sometimes multiple tabs full of genetic power 3 perfect trait or a few off perfect trait pets. I also have older level 50's that aren't perfect at all, but can net 1k-7k silver per exploration which helps A LOT early game. :)


If anyone is genuinely new to Beast Keeper and having a hard time making a profit because they have no good females to breed, or no really good pets to explore with, I'd be happy to gift pets.


How to:

Leave a post here that you're new and specify exactly what you're looking for. This may attract other older players to PM and help you also. (Wood, stone, stable level 2, any level 50, GP3 lykos, etc.) Do not ask for rainbow jars or other premium items. If you do, you will nullify any support otherwise given to you and I will not respond to you. If you are unsure what a premium item is, go to trading -> Premium Shop and view the items there.


To receive the promised pets:

Send me a PM or I otherwise will not check this thread at all. Just send me a private message and include the following:

-How many pets you want: (Limit is 5, and PLEASE take 5 if you can use five!)

-Your favorite species: 

-Is there anything you're hurting for more than anything else? (No premium items. Examples include silver, golem blueprints, a piece of tack, etc.)

-Do you need a level 50 pet?

There is 0 gaurentee you will receive your favorite species, but if I have it on hand, you will receive at least one. There may be wait time if I need to breed a new one for you. :) I will try to include a variety of pets if you wish for multiple. The level 50 WILL be GP3 but may have red stats, it is purely to get you started and help you buy females from the auction house so you may begin breeding and making a profit that way, or for finishing quests that require high level stats.


If you run out of space and no longer want pets gifted to you PLEASE sell them (even for a low amount, like 5k) and do not put them in the pound! It's really, really hard to find perfect or near perfect non inbred pets and we need all the pets available we can get.


  • cornihorse
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Posted at 2021-12-31 18:56:58 — Link

hi there. I started in october,  and i am in need of lots of stone and wood.  and also, if you have a female okapi color deviant, i would gladly take it, as i am tryi g to get my first double dev.

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  • Wisteria
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Posted at 2022-03-02 00:58:54 — Link

This is still active. Again, I prefer if someone PM's me as well as posting if they want anything. :)

  • Nesbitfox
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Posted at 2022-03-30 13:41:18 — Link

Hi there I literally just started a few days ago, and am struggling. I would love a level 50 pet! I don't mind the species or look, as I can just farm with them. As for favorite species? Well, I like the Gryphon, Puma, Lykos and dragon. Thank you! I don't really know what items do what, so if you want to send any, if you could explain them, that would help a ton

  • WolfSearcher
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Posted at 2022-06-10 04:52:06 — Link

Just joined today!
Looking for: Level 50's, GP3 Lykos, Unicorns, and Dragons. 
Also: Stable lvl 2, military lvl 2

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