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Hi I love my two cats and two dogs and I want to meet some other pet owners. 

Abit about my pets I have a main coon cross Turkish Angora named lord Bartelbee finigin lickybottom and a ragdoll named lady Gwendolyn pumpanickil lickybottom. I just call the Gwen and Bartelbee.

I also have a German Shepherd named Sargent Murphy of the busy twin police station and a German Shepherd cross mutt named miss ginevera Molly Hannah Weasley. I just call them Murphy and ginny. 

If you want more info on Bartelbee and Ginny's crosses exactly I do know but it will take to long to explain.

PS rats make the best pets I used to have them before they died.

The seawings anthom.


Seawings oh seawings with scales green and blue.

Seawings oh seawings with scales pink and purple.

Seawings oh seawings with talons webed and sharp.

Seawings oh seawings with tails strong and large.

We live in seas or deepest blue.

Isolated from the contanent.

Delagated to protecting our queen.

But we're never really that content.

We are a proud old tribe of whale munchers.

But we really love our lunches.

A break with cake.

Or a salmon pie or two.

Seawings oh seawings I worship you.