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  • TheLostLynx
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Posted at 2020-12-29 19:33:32 — Link

A dragon stalks the priarie. She flaps her brown-tan wings and soars over the savannah. A wildebeast snorts and drinks out of the muddy pond.

Hope the council members come soon, thought the hybrid. Why won't they come? My wings are aching looking for food for the grand feast!

The dragon found this a perfect opportunity to strike. She lunged at the wildebeast and grabbed it in her talons, taking flight again. In the distance, she could see a mob of dragons.

They were all the elemental queens. Scorch the Fire, Breeze the Wind, Cliff the Earth, Splash the Water, Vine the Plant, Steel the Metal, Zap the Energy, Vortex the Void, Sun the Light, and Shadow the Night.

And the queens also brought their subjects, too.

Now your job is to join. Select your element(s), name, age, gender, job, backstory (optional) and relationships (optional)

Please keep names like the species, limited to 3 max. Please, don't go full powers. Below I will add the second page of the info.

  • TheLostLynx
  • User
  • Posts: 6

Posted at 2020-12-29 19:40:23 — Link

Fire: Can breathe fire, walk in fire, and can control the direction of fire.

Wind: Can blow wind, fly quickly and gracefully, and knock others off.

Earth: Can make rock walls, create landslides, and walk in quicksand.

Water: Breathe underwater, make gusts of water, and swim well

Plant: Make trees and plants, get photosynthesis, and heal others.

Metal: Can control all metal around, rips off scales and they regrow.

Energy: Fly really fast, make bolts of lightning, and has lots of energy.

Void: Create portals, suck in stuff with mouth, fights well

Light: Blind enemies, heal, and gain power from the sun.

Night: Hide in shadows, cover others' eyes with shadows

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