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  • TheTVJunkie
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Posted at 2020-04-15 11:19:21 — Link


I'm breeding exclusively★★★ Lykos of all colours and patterns. The official pet trade and breeding offers are very few, hence I'm looking for other Lykos fans to start a collab/friendship with. Check out my pets, there are plenty!

Please PM me if you're interested! Thank you.

  • Firehawk
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Posted at 2020-04-29 19:09:00 — Link

I have several gp3 lykos!! Though im not much of a lykos fan since they donthave dev patterns in still glad to help!! I have white gp2 black mearl gp3 and some kind of grey striped gp3 

Im FireAuraDragon, I changed my name for personal reasons :)

Slayer of the Auras and Queen of the Land of Phoenix

Alexas Writing Contest! (Giving Out Prizes)

Also a Deviant and GP3 Breeder!

The Fire Market- Custom Deviant Breeding!

On To The Pet Shows!

The Current Show Is A Deviant Gryphon Show!

  • ChildofAthena2
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Posted at 2020-05-03 01:05:41 — Link

i got 2 i think.

~~~ A daughter of Athena

  • DarkLightning
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Posted at 2020-05-21 04:49:28 — Link

I am a good group of gen 3 Lykos even ones with nothing but the best genes and a few wilds for making a brand new bloodline since the blood runs thins sometimes when breeding and last we need is a Dirty Hero it one with red stars and Green

Hello all I have a Several groups and Shops down below come check them out if you wish to. 

~GP/ Deviant-Breeding Coves~ Link--

-Fresh Bloodline Project- Link--


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