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  • dragonkingHDA
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Posted at 2018-02-08 05:50:26 — Link

I just was looking for a animal with both agile paws and quick mind, i entered the priorities in the search refiner and was pleased to see a unicorn that was fairly cheap, opon ferther inspection he did not have the agile paws gene but clumsy paws and a normal paws, and whie he had the gene for quick mind it was resesive. the main problem lies in that the animal did not have the gene that the filter said it was supposed to have.

  • Angel
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Posted at 2018-02-08 21:24:15 — Link

Could you please make a screenshot with your search parameters? Did you select "All checked" option instead of default "At least one" and "Only dominant" instead of default "Both recessive and dominant"?

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