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Hello! I have something crazy to say, but I'm making a comic! And... I have most of the cast of characters down, but I just... FEEL like I'm missing one fatal character that will play a HUGE roll. So far I have three main characters (including bad guy). What, however, I NEED, is... another character. I cannot tell you how many peices of paper have been crumpled up and trashed. I need one. specific. character. Since I was having NO LUCK. AT ALL. At drawing, I thought 'hey, I can host a drawing contest!' So, first things first:


So here is a badly, rushed version of one main character. I KNOW, IT'S A BAD PICTURE, IT'S TOO HARD TAKING PICTURES USING CHROMEBOOK! So, here's the link:

So, it's what I call a Rollum. They have no feet, and are shaped like a ball.

Ears: allowed

Nose: allowed

Tail: Allowed

arms: allowed

feet: NO

Colours: optional

I need it to be of some sort of rodent-ish animal. Mice, rats, weasels, sparrows, magpies, foxes, and stoats are my main go-to.


Now, I could've posted earlier but my prize wasn't ready! Now it is!

Here he is, a wonder:

He is a deviant, and has a one star heritage with all characteristics green. The winner gets him for free! I have permission to art, and they will get a gifted pet!


The drawing doesn't have to be perfect, because I'm not using that exact one in my comic. So shading, colouring, and even dark lines aren't necessary. As long as I see the picture, it works!


~This contest will end on April 15th

~You need to copy this down in your post/message: Qerrat has every right to change, use, and copy my picture.

~Feel free to ask questions down below.

~If you REALLY want to know what story is about, it is about how a young firey female mouse regains her father's kingdom with the help of Rollo and ____ (that's the needed character!) while trying to defeat the evil ruler of the kingdom, a snake, Asmeduess. (as-med-ess). Is that good enough?

Alright, thanks for veiwing, and have a happy (very early) valentines day!

 Giving away lots of pets (check out my thread!

Deviants, pets with lots of green, and pets with stars (heritage) are always welcome in my stables.

If there is a pet in one of my unwanted tabs you want, feel free to ask for one! ( Might have different prices, but asking is the way to start!

Always looking for Rainbow jars and Vermillion (and at the moment, Ore and Quartz if you wanna offer me some)!

Psssst. Hey you! Do you like to draw? Here is a thread where you can draw and possibly win a devaint with star heritage. What do you say?

I know if you found this you must be very bright. Not all who see can discover. There is no clue on if this is there, yet you noticed it. The first riddle:

Two girls ate dinner together                                

They both ordered Ice tea                                    


One girl drank it down very fast                             

and had finished five in the time                            

it took the other girl to drink one                          

They girl who drank one died, while the other lived.         


All ice teas were poisoned.                                  

How did the girl who drank five survive?                                        

If you dare answer and dive deeper, into mysteries, message me. I will be waiting.       

        w     Qerrat       w      

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