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Posted at 2018-01-18 22:09:00 — Link

I just had this cool idea. *sigh* Mean to send to pound... no one wants him... I can't have him... I think lots of people go through this. So, what if, you could release a pet into the wild? That's where ALL the first pets on beastkeeper came from (mainly), right? So, if there was, like, a release cage, lets say, that you could give to a pet IF it, it's parents, or it's grandparents were wild. Can't release if it has any effects, stuff like that.

Price: ????

Get it from: ????

Any ideas for those? thanks!

 Giving away lots of pets (check out my thread!

Deviants, pets with lots of green, and pets with stars (heritage) are always welcome in my stables.

If there is a pet in one of my unwanted tabs you want, feel free to ask for one! ( Might have different prices, but asking is the way to start!

Always looking for Rainbow jars and Vermillion (and at the moment, Ore and Quartz if you wanna offer me some)!

Psssst. Hey you! Do you like to draw? Here is a thread where you can draw and possibly win a devaint with star heritage. What do you say?

I know if you found this you must be very bright. Not all who see can discover. There is no clue on if this is there, yet you noticed it. The first riddle:

Two girls ate dinner together                                

They both ordered Ice tea                                    


One girl drank it down very fast                             

and had finished five in the time                            

it took the other girl to drink one                          

They girl who drank one died, while the other lived.         


All ice teas were poisoned.                                  

How did the girl who drank five survive?                                        

If you dare answer and dive deeper, into mysteries, message me. I will be waiting.       

        w     Qerrat       w      

Scroll down for cute cats!

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Image result for cats

Image result for cats

Image result for cats

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Posted at 2019-05-29 20:55:45 — Link

Tamed pets don't want to return to the wild. For creatures specifically designed to live with humans, life with a Keeper is more enjoyable :) You may send unwanted pets either to your Reserve or to SPSB if you don't like to have them pounded. 

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