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  • Hazeala
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Posted at 2018-01-16 08:50:11 — Link

I've been working on this project of mine, in which I've bred perfect lykos, which will be recognisable by their skins and title.


The frostborne pack stems from deep within the frozen wasteland and is the result of the tempering that the harsh environment has bestowed upon its kin. Where most Lykos has thick bones and long coats, the Frostborne breed is lighter build and has shorter fur. They have all encompased the ice so completely within themselves that they do not feel the cold in the same way other mamals and even others of their race might. As they are both agile and strong, as well as fast, they have no need for slow metabolisms and therefor appear slimmer than most of their race, because they do not store fat in the same manner. Their close connection to the cold elements gives their fur a tendency to be unnaturally blue. 

Legend says they are far wiser and more intelligent than any mages or sorcerer roaming the islands. That they are Lords and Ladies of all Lykos, creatures of magic and ice and wind. Free to roam the frozen wastelands where all other beasts must perish.

Lykos with these homozygene genes:
Icebreath, Acute Eyesight, Quickmind, Agile Paws
Steel Bones, Hound, Tireless Heart, Ice Aura

See the custom skins here:

(I'll put them in here later, but right now I don't have the time)

Any who has a lykos with these homozygene genes, and wants it to have one of the skins so everyone can see just by looking at it that it's perfect, send me a message. I'll give it the skin for free, as long as you supply the Rainbow Jar yourself.

  • Charix
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Posted at 2018-09-05 05:52:04 — Link

Hey @Hazeala!

I've got a few lykos who fit under this requirement.

Shares IP address with flatmates who might join!

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