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  • Sonatine
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Posted at 2017-01-07 20:21:28 — Link

I've been wondering about something related to the mechanics of stats and battling:

Recently, I noticed that two of my level 50 pets dealt the same amount of damage with their elemental strikes to all enemies on the tundra. I found two things to be odd about this.

1. Do all tundra enemies, regardless of the level they are found on or their own level (between 45 and 55) have the exact same defense? I can't think of any other explanation for why they'd all take the same amount of damage, but it seems rather odd that enemies of varying levels wouldn't also vary in their defensive stats. I haven't thought to check if they also deal the same amount to all enemies on other islands, though.

2. Both of my pets deal 176 damage with their ice breath/fire strike. They both have a bite damage stat of 117, so this would make sense... if any of their other stats were even remotely similar (and if you discard any defense the enemies might have; is defense even a thing?). But they're not. I thought I read somewhere on here that the courage and strength stats determine how much damage a pet does, and as it turns out these two pets have completely different courage and strength stats (one has Hound and has been fed magical food). So, if I'm not remembering incorrectly, how is it possible that a pet with a 212/120 strength/courage spread deals exactly the same amount of damage as a pet with 150/82?

Are these stats somehow unrelated to the pet's bite/blow/rush damage, or am I missing something else? And do enemies even have defense stats? I'd just like to know so that I can make the best use possible of the magical food I find; if it's not going to help my pets perform any better then there's no point in using much of it.




Edit: I did some more testing with a different pet in both the tundra and the arena. He did the same amount of damage (with fire strike) to arena foes as he did to all tundra foes.

Edit#2: I tried some more, this time with a lower level pet in the grassland, one without an elemental strike. She used rush, and did varying amounts of damage to different enemies. So is it just that tundra enemies who all take the same amount of damage, or that elemental strikes always deal the same amount of damage?


Sorry for all the questions, I'm just very curious about this.

  • Sumatra_Echo
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Posted at 2017-01-07 20:50:30 — Link

Elemental strikes ignore defense, because they're not considered physical attacks. The value of your elemental attack is 1.5x your bite damage stat, regardless of any other stats, so 176 would be correct. (I have no idea how bite/blow/rush damage is calculated, though. They seem to be pretty close for all my pets of a given level in spite of other stat differences, so maybe it's just random?)

Enemies do have defense, and you'll see that at higher Tundra levels your normal physical attacks will do much less damage than usual. Magic food might be good for boosting your Accuracy and Anti-critical chance, though.

  • Sonatine
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Posted at 2017-01-07 21:45:14 — Link

Thanks for the response! I was starting to come to that conclusion, but wasn't sure. Just using elemental attacks made it hard to see the variation in enemy defense (thought the variation in their attacking stats was abundantly clear by level 18 of the tundra or so).


I'm still curious about why pets with such different stats have the same bite/blow/rush damage, but that could be explained if those stats increase independently of the others, rather than being based on strength or courage. In that case, a pet with really high stats might get more damage out of a non-elemental attack, if its courage and strength were high enough.

I'll probably still use the food for accuracy and anti-crit. Those etelias are vicious.

Thanks again!

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