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Jazsam8 (#44343) wrote:

whould you beast be more likely to fall in love with a pet in your manor or a friends pet then strangers?

Yes. The more contacts a beast has with another beast, the more chances they have to develop good relationships which will ignite the love.

Jazsam8 (#44343) wrote:

And can you arrange marriages between your pets and a friends?

Yes, you may assign a contract marriage but only for kids. Or in other words, you may arrange a betrothal. Adult pets have their personality formed, and you can't tell them who to love, but kids are still a malleable clay with no certain preferences. 

Jazsam8 (#44343) wrote:

also, is it possible for two pets to fall out of love?

Yes. Each beast has an ideal vision of a partner, and it will search a beast which is as close as possible to it. Ideal visions and personalities of both beasts may change. Love will last as long as they stay in synergy and match each other well. Once the expectations and the personalities become different enough, two beasts stop loving each other.