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Posted at 2016-09-22 15:18:27 — Link

So...where to start? I hadn't played in two weeks because firstly, no, this isn't my computer issue, its a new Wi-Fi, new PC, and even on my old PC i've been having this issue (mobiles too, even when i am outside and not at home, same issues) where the moment i need to read my messages on here, it takes 3 minutes to load in, 3 minutes to open a mail, 5 minutes to send a mail.

And I cannot tell if i am doing a quest or not since it takes 10minutes+ plus after i clicked 'submit' to load that i have to force close the tab, and then I cannot get onto here until tomorrow again.

If i want to put all my pets to the arena, that'll be 5 minutes, if i want to open a pet page, sometimes it opens, and then sometimes i need another solid 5 minutes to open.

if i want to go craft something, I need 6~10 minutes to open, and then another 5minutes to get to the next page of it. (sometimes it won't load at all, and i get DC'ed off BK)

And when I need to breed my pets, I need 3 minutes to even take me to the breeding page.

If i want to go to my stables, i need 3 minutes.

Sometimes, once something never loads for me, then i can forget visiting beastkeepers at all until tomorrow or so because everything will decide it 'won't load' for me.

And I am not sure if my bug report will send or not as if i want to do forum related issues, it gives me about 6 minutes to load in.

is there any way to fix this?


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  • NightbaneWolf
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Posted at 2016-09-22 15:21:34 — Link

or three weeks, but you may have noticed the decline in my activity as I cannot load anything alot of the time.


So I haven't been playing anything on here properly....


but yeah, every day i give it a try and run into same issue basically


...and its gotten to the point i actually bothered timing the loading XD


Psst hey, i'm hosting an art contest where you can win a Premium Membership from


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Posted at 2016-09-22 19:43:20 — Link

We have NS servers changed this night because our old DNS server turned out to be faulty. Details are in this bug thread.

If the problem started today, please make sure that it's not caused by DNS cache in your browser or OS which sends your requests to an outdated NS server.

How to flush DNS cache

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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